Friday, May 25, 2018

Last year before a teenager for Lamb 2

Lamb 2 took his turn to go to Grandma's house to make his cake.

It was lemon with vanilla frosting and Skittles on top.

He used the same candles that Lamb 1 used this year, with colored flames.

We had an appointment for Lamb 3 this morning and all of our family went along. The Lambs were upset that they couldn't stay home today, but they were very well behaved in the waiting room. We stopped for a Starbucks treat on the way home and then Ram and Ewe took turns running errands so the Lambs could spend the rest of the day at home- playing with Lamb 2's birthday presents, playing basketball outside, and playing on their iPads some too.

It was a quiet birthday, but he had his birthday meal requests and all of his grandparents and Aunt Hannah and Uncle Eric called too. He received lots of small gifts, no big gift, and we plan to take him birthday shopping over this long weekend with the birthday money he received.

Breakfast: poached eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast, OJ
Lunch: Sub sandwiches and barbecue chips with sweet tea
Snack: queso dip (he calls it cheese fondue) and tortilla chips
Supper: lasagna and cheesy toast
Cake: lemon with vanilla frosting

We are very busy getting our new house ready to move into, but we did take a day to celebrate Lamb 2. Happy #12!


Nancy said...

Glad to hear that Lamb 2 had a good birthday!

Nancy said...

Haven't seen a post in some time. Hope all is well with everyone.