Tuesday, April 13, 2021

All teenagers


When a family member has a birthday on Good Friday, it takes Mama another week to bake the cake. When Lamb 3 was 2 years old, he didn't know the difference. This year he bugged me every day until I finally made chocolate cake with pink frosting like he requested. This begins 4 years with all teenage boys in the house! Happy Birthday, Lamb 3! Thank you for being patient with Mama. Also-I finally used the cake platter that I bought at a thrift store to replace the one that I gave away last year. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Our March Library Thing update

3045 Redeemer Classical School library

2020 Our personal library

171 Shared books in both libraries

I estimate we have about 6000 more books to enter into our personal library account and Redeemer Classical School has about 600 that need to be processed (put covers on some, remove stickers from former library books etc.) and added to RCS account. I wish I could make progress on both libraries quicker than we are, but I need to be satisfied with working on both libraries in my limited free time. I am hoping to give a monthly update here and be able to see that we are making progress! 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Recycling and shopping "local" today

Crossed off today's to do list:

Recycle 6 ink cartridges that have been used over the last year

Not shopping Amazon-instead shopping stores I can go to-running shoes for Lamb 2, dress shirts for Lamb 1 and 2, Hyde Bro bookstore, library 20 cent shelf, check a book out of the library instead of buy it, Kroger pick up, Office Depot, make a return to Old Navy, Costco

Recycle 4 pairs of running shoes the Lambs outgrew that were discovered in their closets in the last year

Buy the last item on our list for library supplies we need with our Thrivent action team money

Plus our weekly order of micro greens grown locally by a friend were delivered.

I am hoping to make lots more deliveries of donations/give away items/try to sell items during spring break in a couple of weeks. Getting the recyclables out of the garage was nice, getting the donation pile out of my house will be even nicer.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

February Week 2

Lambs were a little shocked that they had no delays or remote learning the first 4 days of this week. I was happy to have a normal schedule, they felt like they needed more sleep after late nights doing homework. Lamb 1 started reading The Great Gatsby for American Literature, Lamb 2 started reading The Odyssey for English class. Lamb 2 knew what would happen in the Odyssey from homeschool so I had to encourage him to still pay attention.

I stopped into the 20 cent shelf at the library (open again!) and the community center had a book sale. I gathered a few books at each for the school. It wasn't anything exciting, just a few at a time.

We received notification from Purdue that Lamb 1's dual 4 credit computer class is free because we financially qualified. He had some trouble logging into his Purdue account this semester, but I am so glad he got this figured out so he will get college credit for high school work. Bonus is that it's free!

Thursday night was parent teacher conferences and I went alone while Ram went to church with Lamb 1. I managed to stay on schedule for 7 conferences-8 minutes each- and only got behind for the last one. I saw 4 teachers for each Lamb. I wanted to see one more teacher but she was unavailable that night. All the teachers said the Lambs are working really hard and they can tell that it doesn't come easy for them. Both Lambs are looking forward to several classes next year so some of the conferences were to discuss those choices.

After the conferences Ram and I snuck out to go out to dinner and discuss the conferences together. Unfortunately we chose a restaurant that had a live band that was too loud to really talk. It was still a fun evening and nice to get away for a short time. I'm not even sure the Lambs knew we went on a short date!

Friday was a scheduled e-learning day which means they don't zoom into classes, but the teachers give them an assignment. Teachers have different policies so Lamb 2 had 2 assignments due before 3pm on Friday, some assignments due before midnight on Saturday, and the rest are to be turned in their first class next week. Lamb 1 had some assignments due before midnight on Friday, one on Monday before midnight, and the rest at their next class. Once they get these assignments done, they are having a nice break.

Saturday Ram ran some errands for me and I stayed home and tried to get some things done. One errand he did some Christmas shopping for our family. Last year we didn't take any vacations or do much extra shopping, which made December busy to quick get some gifts. I am determined to work ahead on gathering gifts this year. 

Saturday night we played the game of Life together as a family. Lamb 1 won. It is rare that we have time to play games together during the school year.

I'm still working on getting organized to get ready to do taxes. I did very well with family bookkeeping until about June. I regret not keeping better books for the second half of the year. While I am working on last year, I'm also catching up on this far into 2021, hoping to not get behind again.

No school tomorrow (Monday), but the Lambs will need to finish homework due on Tuesday that is not done yet. Snow predicted so they may have a delay or no school on Tuesday, we will see.

We didn't do anything special for Valentine's Day. Both Ram and I had book clubs at different times and the Lambs had a relaxing day after church. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Beginning of February

Last Saturday we visited a retired professor and chose almost 200 books from his personal library for Redeemer Classical School. It was a fascinating two hours at his house as he has 4 degrees and has traveled extensively. He was thrilled that some of his books were going to children that were learning Latin and took nature walks. We wiped every book off as they were very dusty before we brought them in our house. It took me most of the week to make a complete list of what he donated along with looking up the approximate value of what was donated. We delivered the books to the school yesterday and delivered the tax receipt along with an itemized list of what was donated today. I don't have any Lambs at this school, but I am happy to help out RCS library as it is a wonderful resource for our Fort Wayne community.

We had some snow this week so that meant a few delays and a few days of school at home. That meant organizing the Lambs to do the shoveling and a few more chores and tutoring/helping with schoolwork along with homeschooling Lamb 3.

I do so much chauffeuring right now. Lamb 3 goes to the chiropractor twice a week for an adjustment and therapy and does exercises at home. Lamb 2 has JROTC practice three times a week. Lamb 1 lifts weights after school 4 days a week. We have a few dentist appointments this month. Lamb 2 had his orthodontist appointment this week and found out his braces come off in March! 

I'm attempting to get my materials organized to scrapbook again. Everything has been packed since we moved from ID. There wasn't any place to organize it when we were at the rental and there wasn't time once we got to the new house. I am trying to get caught up on Lamb 1's scrapbook before he graduates from high school.

I just got a new phone. My first smartphone was purchased in November 2016. It was past time to replace it. A couple of weeks ago I went to grocery pick up and my phone was dead so I couldn't call them and tell them I was there for my groceries. Lamb 2 is extra eager to help me set up my new phone the way that I want it. It is going to be so great to not have to plug my phone in all the time!

Ram and I continue to add books to our Library Thing account. We have 1600 entered. It is going to be so helpful to have a list on our phone. As we are adding books, I'm also organizing and getting rid of some. The next project will be to tackle our giveaway pile that has really grown in the last month. I will need to decide where those items are going and deliver everything to the correct place.

Hopefully soon I will update my blog. In the meantime I will try for at least once a week posts.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Family update and I'm coming back!

After not posting on here for a couple of years, I have plans to try to get back to my blog in the next few weeks. I'm not sure I am quitting Facebook completely, but I do want to cut back there and one way to do that is to go back to blogging. I have lots of work to do to get my blog up to date and very little free time to work on it. Plan on checking back in February to see if I made any progress!

The Lambs will turn 17, 15, and 13 in the next few months. I have a junior and freshman at our Lutheran high school and still homeschooling a 7th grader. Lamb 1 tried football for the first time last year. Lamb 2 loves JROTC. 

Ram is fully employed as a mental health counselor and more than half way to his license. We are looking forward to full license both for being done with school and the pay increase. His schedule is completely full at work and he is booked out several weeks. It is nice to know that clients trust him after a year. 

I am kept busy chauffeuring the Lambs; homeschooling Lamb 3; helping Lamb 2 with homework; managing the household and household schedule; volunteering at Redeemer Classical School library; and trying to fit in a little time for myself.

Ewe's parents are doing well. Dad will turn 81 in February. We did not get to celebrate his 80th due to Covid. They now have a home health aide about 3 hours a day to help dad shower and mom with housework. We still have lots of small tasks to help them remain in their home and check up on them frequently. Everyone is still talking about celebrating their 50th anniversary together in August 2019.

Ram's parents are also doing well. It was disappointing that we could not be together for Thanksgiving or any visits in 2020. We were so glad they were able to take a 50th anniversary trip to New Zealand shortly before Covid.

Ewe's sister and brother-in-law live in the St. Louis area and recently purchased a beautiful house. They both enjoy their jobs. Hannah authored a month of Portals of Prayer last year. 

Please leave a comment so I know who found me again after my absence here!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Last year before a teenager for Lamb 2

Lamb 2 took his turn to go to Grandma's house to make his cake.

It was lemon with vanilla frosting and Skittles on top.

He used the same candles that Lamb 1 used this year, with colored flames.

We had an appointment for Lamb 3 this morning and all of our family went along. The Lambs were upset that they couldn't stay home today, but they were very well behaved in the waiting room. We stopped for a Starbucks treat on the way home and then Ram and Ewe took turns running errands so the Lambs could spend the rest of the day at home- playing with Lamb 2's birthday presents, playing basketball outside, and playing on their iPads some too.

It was a quiet birthday, but he had his birthday meal requests and all of his grandparents and Aunt Hannah and Uncle Eric called too. He received lots of small gifts, no big gift, and we plan to take him birthday shopping over this long weekend with the birthday money he received.

Breakfast: poached eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast, OJ
Lunch: Sub sandwiches and barbecue chips with sweet tea
Snack: queso dip (he calls it cheese fondue) and tortilla chips
Supper: lasagna and cheesy toast
Cake: lemon with vanilla frosting

We are very busy getting our new house ready to move into, but we did take a day to celebrate Lamb 2. Happy #12!