Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ram and Ewe's new bedroom

These first two photos are our bed when the house was staged for house sale. It was my bed and my chair, but not my bedding. Ram's mom suggested that after 15 years of marriage and after seeing the house staging, it might be time for us to buy some new bedding of our choice. We gave away the chair before we moved and also our mattress, but we kept the bed. After we had the new mattress I thought Ram's mom had a good idea that we should go shopping for new bedding.

Last night we went shopping and this is what I ended up choosing at Tuesday Morning. My sister would be happy that it is purple. I didn't try to match the blue curtains at the rental house as they are temporary for us. Purple would not normally be my first choice, but I love what I chose. We do not plan to hang up most of our pictures nor do much decorating at this rental house as it is temporary for us. 

After Tuesday Morning we stopped at Target and couldn't resist getting "Ewe" and "Ram" lamps for our bedroom. We actually did need more lamps for both our bedroom and downstairs so it wasn't a total splurge. Old houses not only don't have enough closets, but they lack built in lighting.

Both lamps were on clearance, but for some reason the Ewe lamp cost more than the Ram lamp. I tried to talk them into giving me both at the lower price, but Target said the clearance price is determined by corporate and no way they can change that. This was the last Ewe lamp they had left so I still got it.

I do not enjoy interior decorating, but I am happy how our couple of purchases came together to be something new at our house that Ram and I both like. Of course the lighting was important so we can read in bed! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

September Update

We are settled in that all of our belongings are either in the garage or our house. We are planning on getting a storage area, especially for our books, but we are still unpacking and trying to figure out how to best organize what is staying at the house to have the smallest storage area possible. Every day I get a little more settled, but no areas of my house are completely like I want them. I think in October I will concentrate on one room at a time instead of working all over the house each day. On Sunday afternoon we organized the garage so we can fit one car in there. We took out a lot of trash from both our landlord and us (bookshelves that didn't survive the move, boxes that were unpacked). The trash man took all of that today.

We took my grandma's cedar chest to a furniture repair man after a DIY repair 15 years ago didn't survive the last move. All the legs are on strong now and he also polished it so it looks almost new. It was so worth the money to get it repaired and I couldn't believe how fast he was. One more area for storage is available now. He was shocked that we not only had the cedar chest, but we also had the key and the lock worked. I estimate it is from 1925 as it was a high school graduation present.

I took part in the Reformation swap this year and I notified the lady that will receive my mug that with moving it will be late, but it will be coming. It was fun to "meet" another Lutheran and I am having fun getting her package together. I look forward to receiving my package.

We had two trips to the doctor since we arrived here. 1. To ER because Ram cut himself. 2. Lamb 2 had the worst case of chigger bites the Dr. had ever seen. That was a big mom fail-my boys that don't remember playing outside before we moved to ID had no idea that you needed to wear bug spray to play football outside in the backyard. I was busy unpacking and didn't remind them to wear bug spray. We have learned our lesson and are extra cautious about going outside now. Lamb 2 is surviving on Claritin, Benadryl, and a prescription cream. The other Lambs have more mild cases.

Ram needed new glasses and he had not bought glasses at his checkup this spring so insurance paid for about half of his new glasses.

We bought a mattress online and there was some delay getting it shipped to our unknown to the credit card company new address, but we have slept on it for a couple of weeks now and Ram and I like it.

House closing was more complicated than I would have liked due to us just getting internet installed, not setting up a printer/scanner yet, and having no idea where the printer paper was packed, but the money from the house sale was direct deposited into our account the day after closing. It is wild to me that you can sell a house by doing almost everything online, getting a direct deposit instead of a check, and not going to a title company nor handing over the keys on the day of closing. We left the keys and garage door openers in the kitchen drawer. Then it was time to notify all the companies to get our final utility bills and house insurance refund. It is so good to be completely done with that house less than two weeks after we arrived here.

We are still church shopping and have one more church to attend before choosing which ones to attend a second time. It has been fun to connect with friends at these churches, but I am getting anxious to get involved in one church.

Homeschooling has resumed. This year I plan to be more academic since Lamb 1 is in middle school and Lamb 2 has some catching up to do. We are off to a good start. Today I gave the Lambs and Ram haircuts, the first ones they had since we left ID.

My parents are retired, but they have invited us/asked us to help them attend several events in the past few weeks. They told us October is even more busy than September. This weekend we went with my dad to the airport to meet the Honor Flight, took my mom out to lunch for her birthday, attended a high school football game, helped my dad shop for and set up a new TV, and attended a high school band contest. We are enjoying being able to attend all this, but hope to get involved in our own activities soon.

When you move to a new area learning how to grocery shop in the new area is difficult. I had quite the time getting my Fred Meyer card transferred to a Kroger card, but I went shopping on Friday and it worked so I could get my Friday Freebies. I also had a difficult time finding a store that sells bulk spices (I miss Winco!), but I accomplished that on Saturday. All of our spices are replaced now. I have enjoyed starting over on my pantry/freezer with fresh food and hopefully purchase more healthy foods too.

The Lambs attended their first choir practice last week and the director and I decided they need voice lessons before they are ready to be part of this special choir. We are working towards getting settled enough to bring a piano in our house so they can resume piano lessons and their voice lessons will begin in October. In the future I hope they can participate in homeschool choir, but for now we will concentrate on the academic part of homeschooling and try voice lessons. Lamb 1 and 2 are signed up for a basketball camp in October. We will look for other activities for them to get involved in here too.

My days are kept busy trying to update our address everywhere. It seems like we get less snail mail than we used to, but it is still a lot of places to contact!

I don't know if anyone still reads my blog after it was so neglected this summer. I am going to try to get back to more posting in October whether I feel settled yet or not.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Big August update

Surgery went well and I am past the 2 weeks recovery time. My thyroid was double normal size but all benign. I am so glad I had the surgery.

I followed Dr. orders to not lift more than gallon of milk for two weeks and we still finished for our target date to list our house on August 16. After discussing price with our realtor it was listed a few thousand above what our realtor recommended at 11:30am. We figured we would try a little higher and we could always lower the price. It was shown at 1:30pm and our realtor called us with an offer at 6:30pm. The offer was slightly above asking price with buyers that have already sold their house and are anxious to have closing and get in soon. We praise God it sold in 7 hours! The few thousand above what our realtor thought pays for the repairs we made this summer before we listed it. The realtor never finished making flyers and never had the scheduled open house. Our neighbor was upset that he never saw our house online before the listing was pulled for "sale pending". God had all the details worked out for us-even with several other houses in our neighborhood for sale and the sale so close to school starting. We are so thankful for this house profit.

We are currently resting at Ram's parents and then will go "home" to pack up the moving truck from the storage area. Then we will drive to IN to begin the new chapter of our lives. We are getting excited about this new chapter!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Update/Looking forward to August

July flew by and it is time to update you on several things happening to our family.

1. We are getting our house ready to put on the market. This is an excellent time to sell a house in Idaho, but unfortunately it seems that most of our subdivision got the same idea to sell now. I promise that I will eventually share more of how we decided to sell our house, but for now please keep our house sale in your prayers. We need our house to sell fast and for a profit once it gets on the market.
2. I am scheduled for thyroid surgery on Tuesday. July was spent getting the ok from the endocrinologist and hematologist that I could have surgery. There were several doctor appointments to get a green light. Please pray for the surgery and recovery.
3. During surgery recovery I will not be allowed to lift more than a gallon of milk for two weeks. We went to Ram's parents for a long weekend over the July 4th holiday. When we returned both Ram and I have spent every day since then getting our house ready to sell. There have been deliveries to give stuff away and take trash to our city. There has been coordinating handymen, landscapers, house cleaners, window washers, painters, and friends to help us for our move.  There has been coordinating selling appliances and other items to friends and neighbors. We are getting very close to our goal to have most of the work done before my surgery. Most of our belongings are now in storage. The chest freezer and one refrigerator are empty. We continue to try to use up food from our one refrigerator and pantry.
4. One of the Lambs spent several hours the last couple of months having a lot of medical tests. Then Ram spent way too long on the phone trying to get the results of those tests. It turned out that this Lamb does have a medical condition that 5% of the population has but most of that 5% doesn't even know they have it unless it is discovered during a MRI or other medical test. We praise God that it is a mild condition and the results simply meant that he has the knowledge that he has this condition and there are no follow-up appointments necessary.
5. Due to this Lamb and Ewe having so many doctor appointments we are going to meet our health insurance deductible. This means that the rest of the calendar year will be "free" medical care for our family. We praise God for health insurance especially during years like this.
6. After working so hard in June and July, I am looking forward to relaxing during surgery recovery time. During this time I have some books I want to read and plan to turn over the rest of getting the house ready to Ram and then to our realtor.
7. The Lambs have been troopers during this transition time. They try to play with the neighbor boys when schedules for both families allow before they are no longer our neighbors. They have put up with most of their toys being put in storage and helped move their beds to another bedroom so that we can clean and paint their bedroom. They have helped with a big variety of tasks. This transition time has not been without tears and mild behavior problems, but that has meant that Ram and Ewe take a break during this crazy time to spend time with the Lambs. They did complete the summer reading program at the library, go to the pool with their friends at least once a week, and we went to a baseball game. We have some activities planned for August to do one more time in the area that we live in. They continue to check carpeting and vents at this house for Legos.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Declutter Shopping

We have been decluttering all areas of our house and have made several trips to try to resell items at the used kids store, donated a lot to our pro-life center, donated a lot to our rescue mission, sold books to the used book store, and given outgrown clothes and toys to a friend with younger boys.

A few weeks ago we went and spent all our credit at the used bookstore. Yesterday I went to the used kids store to spend our credit there. The pro-life center would not take a stroller that I wanted to donate to them so we had quite a bit of credit at the used kids store.

After going through the Lambs clothes, I realized that Lamb 1 had outgrown almost all his pants. So this is what I bought at the used kids store with our credit.
*6 pairs of jeans for Lamb 1
*1 pair dress pants for Lamb 1
*2 pairs of sweatpants for Lamb 2
*3 pairs of shorts for Lamb 1

I had enough credit that my total out of pocket was 60 cents. It is a lot of work to go through their clothes and then sort out where to donate or resell everything. It really is worth going through your kids stuff and reselling what they no longer use and replacing it with what they need.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Family Update

1. The boys just finished two weeks of swim lessons. We went to the city pool for the first time this year. The first week was great weather, the second week was cold and rainy. All three boys passed the level of swim lessons they were in. The last day of lessons was a fun day and they all went off the high diving board into 12-13 feet water.

After swim lessons each day then they went to free lunch in the park. The lunches are simple, usually sandwiches, but my boys love them probably because they don't have a school lunch every day. It worked out great to go directly to lunch after lessons and not have to wait in line. I'm tempted to sign them up for another session of swim lessons because they had so much fun at both lessons and lunch. But I signed them up for the first session so that we could have the rest of our summer free.
2. We are in full declutter mode here. We dropped off these items at electronic waste day last week: old TV, 2 VCRs, old computer monitor and various other computer parts (keyboard, speakers, etc.), and several old batteries. I am finally making it to the boxes in the garage that were never unpacked when we moved here 4 years ago. We have several items ready for the pro-life center-stroller, baby gate, maternity clothes, etc. I cleaned out my garage fridge and we are going to sell it and downsize to just one fridge to save electricity and be better organized. We have had so much trash and recycling from all my clean out projects.
3. We are in minor house repair mode here. The boys bathroom floor was replaced. This was necessary after 4 years of little boys going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We have other little repair jobs planned for this summer.
4. I have a consultation for surgery on my thyroid at the end of June. I am hoping to get surgery scheduled soon so I can get it over with and go on to recovery. One of the Lambs has been having some medical tests for some minor symptoms. We are waiting for results to know if medication or treatment is necessary for our Lamb. Prayers are appreciated for our Lamb and for Ewe during all of this. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016