Sunday, February 7, 2016

Devotion of the Day

Ram's Grandpa wrote a few devotions that were included in a book called Time Out! A Men's Devotional. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided to post one of his devotions here. It is neat to me to have his Grandpa's devotion even though he is in heaven now.
This devotion book has more devotions by Ram's Grandpa and also devotions from other best selling authors including Dobson, Swindoll, McDowell, and others.

Love is Patient and Kind 
by Richard C.
1 Corinthians 13:4

We're all aware of the many marriages that break up. It's happening to the young. It's happening to the old. It's happening in the Church and outside the Church.

So, what does it take to hold a marriage together? When the Bible speaks of love in 1 Corinthians 13-the "love chapter"-I believe it refers to a husband and wife.

Many marriages are intact today because love is patient. When my wife and I go somewhere together, usually one of us has to wait for the other to finish getting ready. The one who is ready first waits patiently for the other.

Love is kind. My wife and I both enjoy doing things for each other. I enjoy making her coffee in the morning. Later in the day she enjoys cooking and serving our meals. (She says that's because I always tell her how good they taste.)

We have a caring attitude toward each other and a deep respect for one another. We both enjoy saying "I love you" to one another throughout the day. 

We start off each day together with devotions: Scripture and prayer. We look for a Bible verse or biblical concept to think about during the day. We try to make our home a more loving place.

Another thing: Love is eager to believe the best, which truly brings about lasting happiness and joy.

O Lord, give us the spirit of love, which is patience and kindness, toward one another this day. Amen.

Time Out! A Men's Devotional
Clint Beckwith-Evergreen Communications-1989

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stonesetters Part 1

I took several pictures when Lamb 1 and 2 attended Stonesetters at the state capitol. I will explain more about the day in a later post.
Lamb 1 and 2 were allowed to take a turn to sit in the speaker's chair  in the House.

The participants were kept busy from 8:30am-3pm. There were no breaks. We ate our sack lunch during debates. There wasn't even a time for bathroom breaks. So the Lambs enjoyed the couple of minutes when they were invited to lay on the ground level and look up at the ceiling at the capitol.

We saw Governor Otter's ceremonial office. The picture behind the desk is Ronald Reagan. 

At the end of the day, one of our representatives met us. He asked the Lambs if they enjoyed their first Stonesetters. Lamb 2 answered first, "It was boring and too long." Representative Holtzclaw answered that they may not appreciate Stonesetters now, but as they get older they will. We wrote to both our representatives and our senator, but Representative Holtzclaw was the only representative that met us at Stonesetters. 

 Lamb 2, Lamb 1, and Ewe attended Stonesetters this year.

Ram was kind enough to chauffeur us so we didn't have to worry about parking in downtown Boise. Lamb 3 was not old enough to attend this year. Ram and Lamb 3 got dressed up to come down to meet us at the end of the day.

We were all hungry after Stonesetters and I had a gift card for Whole Foods so we went there for an early supper. It is the only place I know we can get pizza without cheese for Lamb 1 without making a special order. We enjoyed pizza and Izze drinks. Ram and I were happy that they were running a deal of 99 cent espresso drinks so we both had a fancy coffee.

After all the Idaho history at the state capitol tour, I thought it would be fun to get the Lambs an Idaho themed treat for dessert. So we went to get Idaho ice cream potatoes.
Ice cream rolled in cinnamon with whipped cream, nuts, and chocolate topping.

They were served at a drive in and the January weather wasn't the greatest for eating outside. I thought they could eat them in the car. But I didn't think about them being dressed up. See that pool of chocolate sauce? After the treats, we stopped at the dry cleaners to drop off Lamb 2's tie and Lamb 3's church coat. Everything else that had chocolate on it was washable. They were a fun treat to have once, but none of the Lambs really liked it. They are definitely a summer treat to have outside!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Final January Declutter Update

*Ram and I began organizing his library at his church office in January. He brings a couple of boxes home at a time. First he decides what he is willing to part with. Then I am cataloging and typing up a list of what he keeps. I estimate we are about 40% done with his library. I am hoping I am not overestimating that! He inherited books from both sides of our family, a lot from my dad, and a lot from the former pastor of our church. His library is so massive that he may have duplicate or triple copies of the same book on different bookshelves in his library. So when we finish the entire library then we will study the cataloged list to see if there are more duplicates that we did not catch in the process. He has also discovered some treasures that he did not know he had.
*He has already found a lot of books that he did not want. He also found some duplicates. He took 10 boxes to the used book store and they bought 5 boxes worth. We have a lot of credit there even after he purchased a few books that have been on his wish list. I am always amazed at what they want. I hope to make it out to the used bookstore soon to see what I want with the credit.
*I got together a bunch of stuff to donate including the boxes of books the bookstore did not want and one more box of books that I didn't think was worth asking the bookstore. Soon Ram will deliver all this give away stuff. He already delivered one box of books to give away.
*We have two boxes of books that we plan to share with friends or donate to the church library. Those are set aside ready to deliver.
*Working on Ram's church books inspired me to work on my Sunday School/religion files at home. I made it through one out of two file cabinet drawers-organizing and purging a lot. I hope to finish the second drawer soon.
*We made appointments for the Lambs and for Ewe for their annual physicals. We found out there is quite a long waiting time for appointments so we decided to schedule them several months in advance so we are sure to get in.
*I began getting the paperwork together to send to our tax lady. My goal this year is after I send the taxes in to have all my paperwork here organized and shred what I don't need then. Usually I'm so happy to be done with taxes that all the paperwork gets thrown in a box. I have several boxes to go through. I would love to have all the 2015 paperwork organized now.

Not a lot of other decluttering has happened here besides Ram's library. Helping the Lambs with Stonesetters, library book clubs, homeschool, chauffeuring, and housework has kept me busy. I know Ram's books are a project worth doing and when we finish his library I will get back to decluttering at our house. Final tally of book boxes that left our house in January was 14!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-2016 Homeschool Transcripts

Our state does not require testing or reporting homeschooling. I have a pretty good memory of what each Lamb did in homeschooling. I recently realized that the school years are starting to run together in my mind so I should document what the Lambs do individually. This listing is the beginning of my documentation. This is individualized what each Lamb has done this year. This does not include the subjects that we study together as a family including religion, science, art study, Latin, reading aloud, and history. This list is not in any particular order.


Lamb 1 6th Grade
Fall 2015 Cross Country
Fall 2015 Cub Scouts
January 2016 Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts
Family Book Club at Library
Confirmation Class at Church
PE Co-op
Piano Lessons
Spring 2016 Track
Saxon Math 76
A Beka Language 
Silent Reading
Continue to practice cursive
Continue spelling in WRTR
January 2016 Stonesetters

Lamb 2 4th Grade
Fall 2015 Cross Country
Family Book Club at Library
Spring 2016 Mayor’s Book Club
PE Co-op
Piano Lessons
Spring 2016 Track
Saxon Math 3 (Behind due to vision therapy, beginning to get caught up)
Fall 2015 Continue to practice printing
January 2016 begin learning cursive
Continue spelling in WRTR 
Practice reading
January 2016 Stonesetters

Lamb 3 2nd Grade
Family Book Club at Library
PE Co-op
Spring 2016 Track
Saxon Math 2
Continue to practice printing
Continue learning phonograms and WRTR
Various workbooks to practice phonics, math, handwriting, pre-handwriting skills

Whew! No wonder why I'm tired after helping the Lambs with homeschool and chauffeuring them to all these activities.We love homeschooling and I love to see my Lambs succeed at the activities they are in!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January PE

Our PE Co-op went to Crossfit once a week in January. I took my camera with me two weeks, but I didn't get the greatest photos. Here are some photos of the Lambs.

I am mentioning this for my family, there are more photos here. You need to scroll down to HS Co-op photos. Some of the kids in the photos have bright yellow shirts like the last photo shown here. If you don't see the Lambs try another group of photos. We were in the second session so you have to go past about 300 photos to get to our section of photos. It is a little confusing, but if you find the right group of photos, our Lambs are in a lot of pictures!

Our Lambs took a couple of weeks to warm up to Crossfit, but then they loved it. I have a feeling Crossfit will be their favorite month of PE Co-op. I loved their real training of how to do exercises and use equipment properly. I never had training like that at the public elementary school! We are off to another location this month.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Blogging didn't happen today

I have so much to talk about here and I am behind on posting pictures. Lamb 1 got his Arrow of Light at Cub Scouts; Lamb 1 and 2 attended Stonesetters at the State Capitol; our PE co-op did Crossfit this month; and I'm still not done posting Christmas photos yet. I had planned to do a little shopping this morning and try to get caught up on blogging today before we begin a new month.

Those plans didn't happen because this morning I had to help the church treasurer figure out Ram's paycheck because the paycheck company didn't do his deductions properly. I wasn't too worried the first paycheck of this month, figured it would get straightened out by the second paycheck. I was very concerned when it wasn't right by the second paycheck. I think we have it straightened out, but I'm still not paying bills until I see if it is all correct on Monday. Life is so much more complicated when everything is direct deposited and done online. I almost wish we lived in MN and got 3 paychecks from the tri-parish again because they were paper checks for us to deposit at the bank!

The paycheck was actually the minor part of my day. The major part of my day was that I found out that on Tuesday the classic Snapfish site is shutting down. I spent all afternoon chatting online with a representative trying to make sure that the photos that my father-in-law uploaded for us would still be available to me after Tuesday. He had uploaded photos from 2003-2011 for us, including most of Lamb 1 and 2's baby photos. Back then we had dial-up internet so we couldn't upload photos very fast. After much panic on my part, I found out that the photos will be at the new site. I did know that my photos were at the new site, I was unsure about Ram's dad's photos. The bad news was the photo books that I created at Snapfish will not be there after Tuesday. I can't afford to order duplicate copies at this time for the Lambs, (even at their sale price) so I ordered some prints from the albums that we only had one copy. Some time I'll make them an album the old fashioned way instead of digital.  Most of the photo books I was not concerned about, but there was one that I made of our time in MN, that took me hours. I did contact Snapfish about that one and they assured me that it will transfer to the new site in 24 hours. I will check tomorrow if it transferred, but I ordered some prints of those photos just in case. Paying for prints was worth my peace of mind. Dealing with all this took a long time, but I feel much better that those old photos aren't lost with the update to a new site.

Ram did a few errands this morning and this afternoon he took the Lambs with him to shop at Costco so I could work on Snapfish. I was glad all this happened on his day off!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on schedule and blogging will happen next week! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The teacup set

The ladies at our church exchange names for secret prayer pals. For one year we pray for our prayer pal and send cards or small gifts to them for their birthday and anniversary and other holidays. We reveal the previous year prayer pal each spring and get a new one at that time too. When we get new ones we have a short questionnaire to fill out with our birthday and anniversary and our hobbies. The first year we were here I wrote on mine that I liked tea because I figured that was an easy to get gift for me that I would use. It is so fun to do this in secret.

The second year we were here my prayer pal was a 90 year old that pulled a teacup out of her cupboard and gave it to me as a birthday present. She was slightly embarrassed that she didn't do more as my prayer pal, but I loved the old teacup.

The next year we were here my prayer pal went to a thrift store and purchased a teacup for my birthday. I also loved it. I realized when I received this second teacup that I was beginning to collect teacups from the ladies at church. I love that I will think of them when I use the teacups.

When that prayer pal was revealed last spring, she also revealed that she had cancer. I felt so humble that this woman was ill, but she found time to shop for gifts for me. Once the secret was revealed she asked about the gifts she gave me and was curious if I liked them. I sent her a few cards and prayed for her. She was receiving treatment and doing well. Everyone, including her family, was shocked when she died the week of Christmas. 

I was even more shocked when after Christmas her husband brought me this set of teacups. He said that she had planned to give them to me for my anniversary which was the end of December.  I was so touched that in his time of grief, he remembered the teacups were for me. It meant so much to me that he carefully wrapped them up and delivered them.

They belonged to her grandmother and all her husband knows about them is that they are very old.

I miss her and I will think of her every time I use these teacups.