Thursday, August 31, 2017

Read Like a Lutheran!

Thank you, CPH. Lamb 2 loves his prize. Recently he has been coloring with colored pencils a lot which makes this prize perfect for him. The pencil sharpener in the lid is appreciated too. The Illuminated Catechism will be perfect for him during First Communion and Confirmation Class this year. We read several biographies of Heroes of the Faith this summer while we were Reading Like a Lutheran.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Scissors

Why do you need scissors to get into the packaging of a new pair of scissors?

The grocery store had a bunch of school supplies at 70% off. I didn't need any more school supplies for the Lambs. (That is even after giving so many school supplies away before we moved!) I did buy an adult size scissors. I'm pretty sure the last time I bought a scissors for myself was 25 years ago. I am looking forward to using a new adult size scissors instead of the child ones that seem to be all over our house. It really is the little things that make our lives easier! And when you get a little thing at a bargain price it is even sweeter.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

End of Summer Family Update

1. We had a busy summer, but now I am going to try to get back to blogging at least a few times a week. We are back to homeschool with the goal of getting Lamb 1 ready for high school and Lamb 2 and Lamb 3 reading better this year. We are doing some school now and will add all the subjects after Labor Day.
2. We have been battling being sick off and on over the past few weeks. I can't figure it out, only some Lambs have had some kind of stomach bug. I am tired of doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and contacting people that we have to cancel our plans. Hopefully we finish this and can get on to our regular routine.
3. Lamb 1 and 2 are doing cross country with the Lutheran schools in our area. I didn't miss chauffeuring, but I did miss being part of a group since we didn't do cross country last fall after moving. The bonus is this is a Lutheran group and I love that the boys are meeting such nice Christian kids and that they pray together at practice and meets.
4. Ram is doing a graduate assistantship that pays really well, but he will be gone an extra 10 hours a week doing that in addition to his classes and studying. I have tried to get organized to get ready for some long days being mom/teacher/chef/chauffeur/maid etc. by myself. We were spoiled that Ram just had one class this summer so it is an extra shock. We will look forward to Thanksgiving Break!
5. We did a little house shopping and went to a few open houses this summer. I would love to buy a house and get settled instead of being in limbo with many of our belongings still packed up. Nothing in our price range in the location we want jumped out at us. The market is crazy here, often going $10,000 above asking price and often selling within hours. That was great when we were on the seller end, but terrible when we are on the buyer end. The good news is we are welcome to keep renting so we plan to stay here at least another year.
6. Ram is planning to take classes for this whole school year and then begin his practicum and internship after that. We are looking at him graduating in summer 2019.
7. I have more to say so I'll stop now and try to post more soon.