Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend blessings

*answering machine message that Lamb 2's tests turned out well at the doctor
*an unexpected "I'm sorry for your loss" conversation
*"I'm sorry for your loss" card from someone I've never met in person
*finding Legos in Lamb pockets when I do laundry
*yummy supper (pork from freezer from B1G1F sale, veggies from last year's garden from freezer, all on the grill)
*fresh berries from the grocery on sale
*smelling Lambs after baths
*listening to Ram read aloud to the Lambs
*Ram got me my own MP3 player-now to try to download Gene Stratton-Porter books on it
*last Sunday School before summer break
*Lambs cooperate to take photo of Sunday School kids
*presents for Lambs from Sunday School teachers
*last drive to the country church for church for a few months
*Lamb 3 successfully wore underwear all morning, even for church
*Lamb 1 helped unload the car Friday night which speeded up that chore a lot
*Lambs playing with Legos
*Lambs riding bikes, tricycle, scooter, playing with soccer ball even though it was rainy and cold all weekend
*Lambs looking forward to opening of sand/water table tomorrow
*Lambs looking forward to grilling hamburgers for our family tomorrow
*garden was planted before the rain
*clean kitchen
*loaf of freshly baked zucchini bread
*first batch of chamomile lemonade that I've made for a few months
*bacon cooking for a salad for our family tomorrow
*breadmaker working on a gift
*Ram is a great husband
*having my 3 Lambs and knowing what a miracle that is after knowing that I have Factor II
*Lambs sleeping peacefully

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yearly Checkups

With our pediatrician that helped Lamb 1 through MSPI. Thankfully we were blessed with being so healthy that we had not seen him since last year's annual checkups! Lamb 3 didn't want to be in the photo, but we included him too.
Lamb 1: 7 years 2 months
46.6 lbs
48 1/2 inches
Did not need a checkup yesterday because had one last year. This was worse for him than if he would have had a checkup-he had to wait for his brothers, didn't get a free book, only got a few stickers from the doctor, didn't get to pick where we ate lunch.
Lamb 2: 5 years
41.4 lbs
44 inches
96/64 blood pressure
50th percentile weight
75th percentile height
Got MMR and DTP shots yesterday. Normal hemoglobin and urine tests. Normal vision and hearing tests.
Was a rough checkup to get two shots, finger pricked, hearing/vision tests, and urine test all in a few hours. We're glad to have that done now.
Lamb 3: 3 years 2 months old
26.6 lbs
36 1/2 inches
97/53 blood pressure
Normal vision and hearing tests. No shots yesterday.
3rd percentile weight (ON THE CHART!)
15th percentile height

This is the first checkup for the Lambs that I felt we were doing well and I wasn't nervous to explain things to the doctor. If you have never had a child that is underweight and you don't know that feeling at the doctor's office, say an extra prayer that you have been blessed. I'm thanking God today that the Lambs are healthy (and the tests showed they are healthy too) and all 3 Lambs are on the chart. After Ram's experience last year, we will never take annual checkups for granted nor put them off.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Update on prayer requests

1. My mom did well in her surgery. It took her a long time to get out of the recovery room, but she was able to go home the same afternoon after her morning surgery. Prayers for healing now are appreciated.
2. The nurse actually smiled when she called my name and was very kind yesterday. One doctor appointment down, one more to go. I had 4 hours round trip driving time to listen to Dr. Behnke's organ music very loud and other hymn cds and time to think without Lambs to complain about my music or interrupt my thoughts. I learned some things from the OB/GYN which I will post later. For lunch I enjoyed a delicious bowl of cream of asparagus soup at a cafe and read my next Gene Stratton-Porter book. I returned home to a clean kitchen and the Lambs and Ram did all their chores. I was reminded to hug my miracles of my Lambs when I got home and they attacked me with kisses too. I was reminded to be thankful that Ram is supportive so he got some extra kisses too. Last night I did haircuts and baths for the boys. After a few chapters of Stuart Little read aloud by Ram, the Lambs were in bed early after much time this week playing outside and planting our garden.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer Requests

1. My mom has surgery today to replace the batteries in her pacemaker. They plan to replace the whole unit. When she got her pacemaker it was supposed to be simple and she ended up in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. Please pray for this to go smoothly and for her to be able to go home from the hospital quickly. She has had her pacemaker about 4 1/2 years and she didn't expect to need batteries replaced so soon.
2. I see the OB/GYN and the doctor for my thyroid in the next few days. Please pray for safe travel, clear thinking to answer the questions, and for wisdom for my doctors. It wouldn't hurt to pray that the nurse is kind too, we didn't seem to get along very well before. I like the doctor though.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Happy Birthday, Lamb 2!
With his presents plus he received a bike last week while Grandpa and Grandma visited.

3 Lambs with their presents

A few months ago Lamb 2 looked at the Lego website for a long time and finally chose Lego City Corner for his birthday wish list. Lamb 1 tried to talk him into other things but he decided on City Corner. It was so difficult for him to wait through Lamb 1 and 3, and also Ram's birthdays in March and April. Last week he reminded Grandma that he wanted the Pizzeria for his birthday. She freaked out a little because she got him City Corner. City Corner had pizzeria, bus stop, bike repair shop, and city bus. He was very happy to finally get this Lego set. It goes well with Lamb 1's birthday present of Lego airport.

This was less than 10 minutes after they opened up gifts this morning. Lamb 1 put it together with a little assistance from Lamb 2 and from Ram.

This morning we finished planting our garden so they had a long break for that, but this whole set was together less than 4 hours after the present was opened. The Lambs played with this all day when they weren't outside playing. The city bus dropped many Lego people off so they could eat at the pizzeria. Lamb 1 and 2 were very busy working at the pizzeria all day.

Writing thank you notes this afternoon.
Lamb 2's birthday menu-
Breakfast: monkey bread
Lunch: chicken salad and chips
Supper: homemade pizza and root beer
Cake: Pumpkin spice cake with browned butter frosting

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations, Dr. Larry Rast!

I didn't watch it live, but I did watch the video of the announcement of the new CTS president. (If you did not see it, check out the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog on my sidebar.) Here's my "It's a small LCMS world" story.
I never got the whole story before my grandma died, but my mom's family and the Rast family go back awhile with LCMS roots. My grandma had an autograph book where Dr. Rast's father had signed it as a child. Dr. Rast's children thought that was pretty neat to see.
My senior year of college our wind ensemble went on tour and one of the churches we went to was Rev. Rast's church where he was a pastor before he came to the seminary.
My first year of teaching, Dr. Rast's oldest son, who is also named Lawrence, was in my class. It was the first year Dr. Rast was at the seminary. To say my first year of teaching was challenging is an understatement. I had neighborhood kids that had never heard any Bible stories before they came to our school and then Seminary professor and other pastor's children. We made it through that year together. It's hard for me to believe that Lawrence is graduating from college soon-I'll always think of him as a second grader!
The list of candidates for the next CTS president was a great list. I would have been happy with any of the candidates. But I think Ram and I know Dr. Rast a little better than any of the other candidates. We are thrilled that he was chosen.
I taught Rev. Harrison's (LCMS Synodical president) oldest son, Dr. Rast's oldest son, and Deaconess Nielsen's (works for CPH especially with the Sunday School materials) oldest daughter. Now I'm curious who else I had in my small classes at Zion Lutheran Academy that will have parents elected to do work for the LCMS.
It was before the age of internet announcements, but I remember when Dr. Wenthe was elected as CTS president. I remember all the talk a few years after he began of what a good president he was. After that we took it for granted that he was CTS president and doing a good job. I pray that Dr. Rast can fill Dr. Wenthe's job and continue the mission of CTS.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Gene Stratton-Porter book

I read A Girl of the Limberlost over the weekend. Here are a few of my thoughts.
1. This book was a little more for girls than Freckles was for boys. I might be able to convince the Lambs to read this if they liked Freckles though. I hope they will read this because I loved the courtship and chivalry in this book. I liked that the male main character did not play the field before he met the female main character. I liked that they were both absolutely sure they wanted to get married, not just a time of blind love.
2. The ending was predictable, but a little twist at the end to make the ending even better.
3. I was impressed with how much work it was to be clothed for that time period. Much of the mom's time for the female character was spent on clothes. The rich had to figure out what to order, be measured, and pay someone else to make it and then take care of it. The poor had to figure out how to get the most for their money and make them. Then there was all the work of washing them. My grandma was born about the time period of this book. We take for granted that we have so many clothes and we only need to think about purchasing clothes for special occasions. Add in that we have such nice washer and dryers. We no longer have to choose just the right hat each season. My grandparents still did a lot of this when my parents were born. I'm thankful that we can sew if we want to, but we don't have to spend so much time on clothes as they did in this book.
4. The Lambs are studying moths and butterflies in science now. This book was about collecting moths and selling them. I recognize some of the moths in the book in the Lambs books and vice versa.
5. I wish I would have read this as a middle school student-it has great lessons about love that would have been great to "know" before the real life world of relationships. The female character carried herself with dignity and grace. I wish I could say that myself about all of my relationships. At least Ram and I got it right 10 years ago!
6. I know if I would have been introduced to these classics as a middle school student that I wouldn't have read them, just because they were classics. It's amazing to me that I barely heard of one of the most popular American novels ever written. I'm surprised that we didn't have to read it in one of the schools I went to that were in INDIANA. Big sigh from Ewe. I did discover that I can get the couple of Gene Stratton Porter books that I don't own but want to read, online as free audio books. Hooray! I'll be able to "read" as I do the dishes etc.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


A year ago I went to a Carole Joy Seid seminar and she recommended Gene Stratton-Porter books. I was a little embarrassed to admit that I grew up in IN and I never read any of these classic books written by an author near where I lived. When we went to Fort Wayne last September, I used some of our store credit at Hyde Brothers used bookstore to get one of each of the titles of her books on their shelf.
This week in my free time I read Freckles. I can't wait until the Lambs are old enough to enjoy this being read aloud. I think they will enjoy the boy qualities of this book and there is just enough romance/chivalry etc. to make it interesting for me too. It will also get a little natural history and science in them in a fun way.
My next goal is to read more Gene Stratton-Porter books and the next time we go to IN to spend a day here (with or without the Lambs).
Sometimes I mourn that I don't have a daughter to read Anne of Green Gables and my other favorite girl books with. I decided a few years ago that I would read those books again myself since I don't have daughters to read them to. (I read the Anne series, Little House series, and some other "girl" books then.) I think Gene Stratton-Porter books will be enjoyable for the Lambs and myself to read together-good "boy" books with enough to make them interesting for Mama too.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Week Report

Sunday: Church at one church, Sunday School at another, potluck at another. It's rare that I go to all 3 churches in our tri-parish in the same month, much less in the same day! We spent most of the weekend cleaning. It wasn't as much cleaning for company as doing cleaning that should be done more often than it has been done. We dusted and vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, etc. I wish I had time to keep up with this because I like having a clean house. There are still many areas to be cleaned in this home so perhaps starting with the main areas clean will motivate me to do some other areas.
Monday: Ram had to travel 3 hours to visit someone in the hospital and then he spent a few hours with that member so he was gone for a very long day. While he was gone the Lambs and I finished our cleaning and made supper. Ram's parents arrived in the afternoon. I rarely cook and I think Ram's parents were a little surprised that they liked my chili!
Tuesday: Ram had visits to make in the afternoon so we did stuff around the home. We had beautiful weather. Then we all headed over to SD to eat out at our favorite restaurant in the area.
Wednesday: It was cafe day (Ram takes one Lamb at a time to the local cafe) so everyone besides Ewe went to the cafe. Ram's parents took the Lambs to the local hardware store to get Lamb 2 a bike as an early birthday present. Ram's dad checked out the local Radio Shack and got us a few treats for our computer. When they got home Lamb 2 spent all day on his new bike, barely stopping to eat. Ram's dad fixed up our computer and we Skyped for the first time with my parents. Our computer is 8 years old and slow, so Skype was ok, but not wonderful. Actually Ram's dad was surprised our computer worked as well as it did. I think we'll be computer shopping soon. Lamb 2 gave Lamb 3 his tricycle. Lamb 3 said, "I need long legs!" He didn't even attempt the tricycle on Wednesday. By Friday he became pretty good at walking along with his tricycle instead of pedaling it. We can tell Lamb 2 won't need his training wheels for long.
Thursday: We spent most of the day around the house just enjoying Ram's parents visiting. There was a local "shop local" event in a neighboring town. Last year this event was fun but it poured rain the whole time. This year the weather was beautiful but it didn't seem like as much for the kids to do as last year. We didn't stay long, just ate supper there and came home.
Friday: Ewe took Lamb 2 to speech. Then we came home to say goodbye to Ram's parents. It was a short visit but they have 2 1/2 days of driving to get home and Ram's dad has to get back to work. Then Ewe took the Lambs in the rain to the local greenhouse to buy our plants for the garden (I hope the chance of freezing is finally done!) and to the grocery store for a few items. Then our printer didn't work (probably due to Ram's dad making improvements to our computer!) so both Ram and I tried to get it going. Ram finally did. It took a long time to clean up the  living room tonight after they had many toys out to show Ram's parents. We began reading about butterflies and moths tonight for our next science topic.
Saturday: The local wildlife refuge has a fishing day. Rain is predicted so we'll see. Ram has a commitment for another fishing day in June so we're hoping the Lambs will be able to fish tomorrow.

We did take this week off of school since Ram's parents were going to be here such a short time. I had my house cleaned before they arrived. That meant that I actually had free time this week! I even had time to read a whole book this week. Next week we will be back to school work and appointments and daily routine. It was really nice to spend the time visiting with Ram's parents, them playing with the Lambs, and me just sitting down and having the rare treat to read without interruptions! Ram had to work all week, but it felt like a vacation to me all week. Best of all we stayed home for this vacation so I don't have a ton of laundry to do now. Plus we aren't exhausted from traveling.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lutherans and miscarriage

In our journey the last few years, I was seriously considering writing a book about miscarriage from a Lutheran perspective. I have a whole shelf full of books about miscarriage, some are even Christian. I began, but never finished any of those books because they were not what I really wanted to hear. Nothing can compare to the comments written on cards or said to me by Lutheran friends and especially pastors. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through without two particular comments made by strong Lutherans after my second miscarriage. Each miscarriage after that those comments continually rang through my mind. I also read what Luther had to say comfort women that had a miscarriage several times after Rev. Harrison posted it on his blog.
My struggle for writing a book like this is that although I have had miscarriages, I have 3 Lambs. Most middle of the night feedings when the Lambs were little I thanked God for them and asked God to bless my friends that were infertile. I don't know what it is like to long for children and not have any. In fact, I have never had trouble conceiving. So I was thrilled to read this post today and hear that this book is coming out. I read the reviews at the site and I know several of the people who strongly recommend it. I'll have to read the book to see, perhaps another book needs to also be written for couples that have children and long for more. But I suspect that this book will be very helpful for those in that situation too.
Thank you, Rebekah, for posting this. I cried when I read it, but it was tears of joy for a resource finally being written for women that need it. I'm going to order several copies as soon as it is released to have on hand to give to friends that need it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Strawberries and spring cleaning

I haven't blogged much because it has been busy here. Monday-Wednesday we were gone to the pastor conference with Ram. We had a wonderful time and spent some time with another Looper family. We were sad that another Looper family had moved away and we didn't get to see them this time. Pastor Harrison preached at a very nice church service on Monday evening. Tuesday afternoon we had a relaxing afternoon with our family. The weather was the best it has ever been for this conference since we moved here. We got home about midnight on Wednesday after a busy afternoon shopping.
Thursday we rested and tried to get caught up on things here after being gone.
Today Lamb 2 had speech. The local grocery store had strawberries on sale for $1.49 so I bought 10 lbs. I had one batch of jam made before 2pm. I also made strawberry shortcake which everyone loved for dessert after supper. After the Lambs go to bed I plan to make another batch of jam.
Next week Ram's parents plan to visit. I'm trying to get caught up on organizing/spring cleaning the house. I won't get everything done before they come next week, but at least it will look better than when my parents were here a month ago. I really did lose 2 months due to morning sickness and then grieving. One of the tasks we did today was to take down all the artwork that has been up for about a year at our house and change it to more recent artwork from ECFE and homeschool. The Lambs forgot they had made some of the things we hung today. Last week we cleaned the living room and organized toys again. I still have some cleaning projects to do in the next few days (vacuum, mop kitchen floor, clean bathrooms, etc.).
It is difficult for me to assign chores to the Lambs and supervise them and still get my chores done at the same time. I have 3 very active Lambs and it has been rainy so they can't even get rid of their energy outside. They are very helpful for cleaning, but they need lots of supervision. I was very proud that I was able to make a batch of jam in the middle of the day today without them getting in trouble while I was busy. This is the first jam I have ever made before they were in bed for the night. After several busy years with babies and toddlers, this is new for me to both get work accomplished and to have them help with the work too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just in time

We pay someone to mow our lawn. The first few years we were here we tried to mow it ourselves. We have a push mower. We are young so we should be able to do this and get exercise. Our yard is not huge, but it is big. It seemed like Ram's schedule as a pastor-when he was able to mow it would rain and when the weather was nice to mow he would have a funeral or a visit to make. Once we had Lambs one of us needed to stay inside with the Lambs while the other mowed. I was overwhelmed trying to do yardwork in good weather plus housework.
After the snow melted our yard was terrible this year. All the ice on the trees this year meant tons of sticks to pick up. The sewer project in town threw big rocks into the yard. There was lots of trash from the many trash days that were also very windy days.
I divided the yard into sections and told the Lambs that they had to help me with one section each day until we were done. Rain was forecasted and it did rain so it took us almost a week to get it done. The Lambs were not enthused with this project even when I made it into a contest of who could pick up the most sticks. We finished Friday morning. The lawn mower man came Friday night. I'm so glad we finished so he didn't have to deal with the sticks, rocks, and trash.
Now to time planting the garden as well-after the last frost but enough time for everything to grow before the first frost. I hate this part of living in MN!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I had several ideas for Mother's Day posts that just didn't happen and here it is almost midnight after a very busy weekend filled with Mother's Day events for my family. I'll try to post photos later this week.

Psalm 113
Praise the Lord!
Praise, O servants of the Lord,
praise the name of the Lord!
Blessed be the name of the Lord
from this time forth and forevermore!
From the rising of the sun to its setting,
the name of the Lord is to be praised!
The Lord is high above all nations,
and his glory above the heavens!
Who is like the Lord our God,
who is seated on high,
who looks far down
on the heavens and the earth?
He raises the poor from the dust
and lifts the needy from the ash heap,
to make them sit with princes,
with the princes of his people.
He gives the barren woman a home,
making her the joyous mother of children.
Praise the Lord!

The pastor (not Ram) that came to visit me when Lamb 3 was born led us in this hymn.

Now thank we all our God
With hearts and hands and voices,
Who wonderous things has done,
In who His world rejoices;
Who from our mothers' arms
Has blest us on our way
With countless gifts of love
And still is ours today.
LSB 895:1

Our prayers at church included all mothers, all women who do not have children, and those whose children are estranged from them.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I recently was talking to someone that was 28 and had children older than the Lambs. Ram's mom had 3 boys before she was 28. I got married when I was 28. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in December so you can guess how old I am. My mom had my sister when she was 38. At my dad's high school class reunion when she was about 40, she had a 2 year old and others at the reunion had grandchildren. At my 5 year high school reunion there were some classmates that had toddlers and I wasn't even close to getting married. I am often surprised when friends that have teenagers are my age or younger than me. I recently told Ram that one of my college friends had a son that was being confirmed this year. He was surprised that her son was that old.

It's all in perspective. I'm glad to be happily married with 3 Lambs even if it took us longer than other friends. The 28 year old that I was talking to said that she thinks it was God's plan that they married young because after they had some children her husband was diagnosed with MS. She said that if they hadn't started a family before they had that diagnosis, they probably wouldn't have had any children.

My grandparents were older when they had children. My parents were older when they had children. None of the Lambs ever got to know any of my grandparents. Ram's grandparents and parents were the opposite. The Lambs got to know at least one set of Ram's grandparents well. One of my prayers is that the Lambs marry girls that were born when their parents were younger so their inlaws are younger like Ram's parents were. So all you friends that have daughters near the ages of the Lambs and are younger than me, let's talk arranged marriages!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Seis de Mayo

We had another event last night so our family celebrated Cinco de Mayo one day later. I don't think I really heard about Cinco de Mayo until I was old enough to go to the bar and it is always celebrated there! I was interested to hear recently that the actual independence day for Mexico is in September, but Mexican Americans thought it would be better for the schools to study it in May than September. That was interesting to me that they expected Cinco de Mayo to be studied in schools-we never did when I was teaching.

Here's the menu for our family Mexican feast (Lamb 2 is working on "f" in speech class so we called it a feast). We used lots of cilantro because it was on sale for $0.49!
Mock pina coladas
Chips and salsa
Mexican ice cream sundaes

I modified a recipe from Martha Stewart for the sundaes.
vanilla ice cream
homemade chocolate sauce
toasted coconut
It was very easy to just layer all that. It was a hit because the Lambs could have the toppings they wanted, but of course Ram and I had all the toppings!

At bedtime we played some Spanish music for the Lambs.

We live 1 1/2 hours from a Mexican restaurant so I was quite pleased with our family Mexican feast.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A question

The doctor asked me a question yesterday that got me thinking.
Do you know other women who have had miscarriages so you don't feel like the only one?
My answer to her was of course I knew women who have had miscarriages. But the next part of my answer was that I didn't know anyone who had 4 miscarriages like me. Later I thought of someone I knew who had several miscarriages but her situation is a little different because she has never had any children. That is what got me thinking.
I really do think it is two separate issues to *have fertility problems/miscarriages and not have any children OR *to have one or more children and have miscarriages. They are both the same in that both want a child. I had one child before I had any miscarriages so I will never have the perspective of the first issue. But I can tell you about the second issue. Strangers make comments like "Isn't it time for another one? You guys should try for a girl!" They have no idea that you want another child. They have no idea that there is a problem because you already have some children, why couldn't you have more? Others that know that you have had a miscarriage remind you to "be thankful for the children that you do have" and suggest that "maybe it is time that you are done because you already have some children". Others have to share the story of the ONE miscarriage that they had and assume that "they understand".
I do know a couple of families that had a few children and then had a miscarriage and they never had any more children. They told me they decided they were done after the children they had. I do know a few families that had a few children, had a miscarriage, and then several years later finally had another child. Those years in between children were very difficult for them and it will always be obvious because of the big gap between children. But I can't think of any family/friends that had a few children, told me they really longed to have another child, and never did. I suppose there are families like that, but I assume that they only wanted X number of children and that they chose to be done after X number of children.
Miscarriage has not always been talked about openly. I think the Internet age has changed that. I don't know how our story will turn out. Are we done after 3 boys? Will we eventually have another child? Will we adopt? Only God knows that answer.
I made it through yesterday that I expected to be difficult. Today's schedule doesn't seem to be difficult. Thursday and Saturday and Sunday's schedule look to be difficult again. I am taking it one day at a time. I am thankful for the days that look to be easier as a break between the difficult days.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 weeks

I always looked forward to the newborn checkups for our Lambs, even though their pediatrician is 1 1/2 hours away. I was always glad that we had "survived" the first two weeks and hoped they had put on some weight during that time. I vividly remember all of their 2 week checkups even though much of the rest of those two weeks has been forgotten.
I have my 2 week check up today. I have done this enough times that I know what to expect. There is such a difference between an ultrasound when you are pregnant and one when you are not. There is a big difference between stepping on a scale when you are pregnant and when you are not (or you don't have a baby sitting in the car seat while you get on the scale). The insurance statements/bills are starting to come. We have plenty of medical money left for the year, I just hate to spend it this way.
Today's appointment is just with my local doctor. Later this month I will also see my doctor for my thyroid and my OB/GYN. Those appointments will have much more information for us to process-today's appointment is pretty routine.
Prayers are appreciated today for me to get through this necessary appointment-especially to think clearly to answer questions and keep it together. I think I'll take a good book with me and hope that there is a long wait so I can have some time to myself.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The last few years that we have homeschooled, Lamb 1 was kindergarten age or older. I have read lots of books on science topics, but nothing was organized by topic. Last Monday I took some time to plan using The Well Trained Mind (I have the first edition although it has been updated since then) as my framework for science studies. We are going to begin by studying the animal kingdom. We spent a few days reading books about ladybugs. Now we are reading books about bees and wasps. Next we will study worms and after a few days working in the dirt in the garden the Lambs are looking forward to that!
We have a honey making plant in our town and a few years ago we took a tour. Sadly last fall the plant closed, but there is still a wax rendering plant open and we can still buy honey locally. I thought that I knew a lot about bees and honey making.
We have read a few books about bees and spent a long time on The Honey Makers by Gail Gibbons this week. We still have a few more books about bees to read. All these books were on our shelf, we didn't even need to go to the public library.
It is fascinating to me how God made bees and how the whole process of living, working, and making honey works for bees. I don't know how you could study bees and still not believe in creation! The history of beekeeping is also interesting how they got from wild beehives to the boxes bees are kept in now.
We are just getting a taste of learning about bees. We will probably spend about 2 weeks on bees and wasps. I know that we could spend much longer and still not learn everything about bees.
Studying bees this week reminded me why we homeschool and why we try to use a classical approach to our homeschool. The "grammar" of bees and the animal kingdom is fascinating and also fun to learn about! The Lambs have not asked a whole lot of questions about bees, but I can tell they are soaking all this information up like sponges. I wouldn't be surprised if they are bees in their pretend play in the next few weeks. Since the Lambs can't read these books independently yet, I get to share in the excitement of learning about bees too!