Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My last post had a comment asking what we did for the 12 Days of Christmas stockings.

My mom filled our stockings each day for the 12 days of Christmas. We had a little larger gift in there for Christmas and Epiphany, and small gifts the rest of the days. Since our family was just two girls, the larger gifts were usually something like a purse. The smaller gifts were things like chapstick, candy, hair ribbons, etc. We always looked forward to Scotch tape in our stockings because we were not allowed to use my parents' tape (we would have used it all) and we always used ours up to wrap presents.

We have taken my parents idea but made it for boys since the Lambs are all boys. Christmas Day we put the smallest present Ram's mom gives them for Christmas that fits in there. They are allowed to open their stocking on Christmas Day before we go to church. We also put peanuts and oranges in the stockings then because that was Ram's parents tradition from Ram's mom's dad. For the rest of the days they get small gifts, often ones that we would buy them anyway, they are just in their stockings. Toothbrushes, crayons, Scotch tape, blank envelopes, candy, small cars, etc. Epiphany is a big gift from Ram and Ewe, sometimes it doesn't fit in their stocking. We started this because we wanted it clear that Papa and Mama gave a present and what they gave instead of being confused with all the other gifts from church members and from grandparents. A typical Epiphany gift: Lamb 1 received a watch when he could tell time.

I have heard of families that make a scavenger hunt with clues in the stockings where their treats are hidden in the house. I have heard of families that have treats in the stockings that the children receive once a year like pop or certain sweets. I have heard of stockings with totally silly gifts that the whole family can enjoy during Christmas vacation-like cans of silly string and a chance to go crazy together in the garage.

Some days I give "coupons" that they can redeem that day. When we lived in MN it was coupons like the next time we go to a city with Starbucks you can get your own drink. Also coupons like you can play play dough today for an unlimited time. I do try to limit the coupon days because they aren't as much fun for the Lambs as getting a gift.

Filling stockings for 12 days does take some organization and planning. It can get expensive to do 12 days times 3 (or however many children you have) Lambs. If you plan ahead you can get school supply type gifts on sale during August. If you don't plan ahead you may be able to get some deals during After Christmas sales. You can have some days be "coupon" days like I described. Some days can be a gift all the children could share, but that day wouldn't have something in each stocking. I would encourage you to be creative.


MooreMama said...

Thank you! I sure wasn't expecting a whole post, but I appreciate it!

My daughters are 3 and 19 months, so we're still forming our traditions. We've been doing our Christmas on Christmas Eve so that we have Christmas Day to make the Family rounds, but I like (a lot!) the idea of spreading out and doing gifts on each of the 12 days.

The tradition in my family was that each child (I'm one of 4) got something to read, something to wear, and something to play with on Christmas morning, and new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Melrose said...

Ewe, we too will be trying this 12 days of Christmas thing for the first time this year! We're planning the big present for Christmas day since we will be moving the last few days of Christmas. I'm so excited to celebrate the whole season and to use this opportunity (without my boys realizing what's happening) to lessen the gift giving. I can handle 12 days of super small gifts like chapstick verses trying to fill the entire bottom of the tree with large toys/gifts! I'm hoping next year to even change several of the days to things like a family game night or a drive to look at Christmas lights instead of something material in the steps :)