Sunday, August 21, 2016

Big August update

Surgery went well and I am past the 2 weeks recovery time. My thyroid was double normal size but all benign. I am so glad I had the surgery.

I followed Dr. orders to not lift more than gallon of milk for two weeks and we still finished for our target date to list our house on August 16. After discussing price with our realtor it was listed a few thousand above what our realtor recommended at 11:30am. We figured we would try a little higher and we could always lower the price. It was shown at 1:30pm and our realtor called us with an offer at 6:30pm. The offer was slightly above asking price with buyers that have already sold their house and are anxious to have closing and get in soon. We praise God it sold in 7 hours! The few thousand above what our realtor thought pays for the repairs we made this summer before we listed it. The realtor never finished making flyers and never had the scheduled open house. Our neighbor was upset that he never saw our house online before the listing was pulled for "sale pending". God had all the details worked out for us-even with several other houses in our neighborhood for sale and the sale so close to school starting. We are so thankful for this house profit.

We are currently resting at Ram's parents and then will go "home" to pack up the moving truck from the storage area. Then we will drive to IN to begin the new chapter of our lives. We are getting excited about this new chapter!

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The Wards said...

So glad to hear that both your surgery and the house process so far went very well. I've been following your blog since you were in Minnesota (we have a few friends in common) and I'm excited to see where God leads your family next!