Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ram and Ewe's new bedroom

These first two photos are our bed when the house was staged for house sale. It was my bed and my chair, but not my bedding. Ram's mom suggested that after 15 years of marriage and after seeing the house staging, it might be time for us to buy some new bedding of our choice. We gave away the chair before we moved and also our mattress, but we kept the bed. After we had the new mattress I thought Ram's mom had a good idea that we should go shopping for new bedding.

Last night we went shopping and this is what I ended up choosing at Tuesday Morning. My sister would be happy that it is purple. I didn't try to match the blue curtains at the rental house as they are temporary for us. Purple would not normally be my first choice, but I love what I chose. We do not plan to hang up most of our pictures nor do much decorating at this rental house as it is temporary for us. 

After Tuesday Morning we stopped at Target and couldn't resist getting "Ewe" and "Ram" lamps for our bedroom. We actually did need more lamps for both our bedroom and downstairs so it wasn't a total splurge. Old houses not only don't have enough closets, but they lack built in lighting.

Both lamps were on clearance, but for some reason the Ewe lamp cost more than the Ram lamp. I tried to talk them into giving me both at the lower price, but Target said the clearance price is determined by corporate and no way they can change that. This was the last Ewe lamp they had left so I still got it.

I do not enjoy interior decorating, but I am happy how our couple of purchases came together to be something new at our house that Ram and I both like. Of course the lighting was important so we can read in bed! 


Anonymous said...

Glad your getting settled in, even if temporary. The lamps are so "ewe" - grin. Suzanne

Jody said...

What are the chances you'd find lamps so perfect for you?!