Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lamb 3!

Lamb 3 helped make a chocolate cake.
When it was in the oven he said, "Making a cake isn't difficult!"
(Of course not when you cheat and use a cake mix!)
(He was still 8 when we baked the cake. He wanted to wear his #8 shirt one more time.)

Please excuse my messy kitchen in the background. I'm busy making memories with my youngest now.  The counters where we needed to work were clean!

I bought blue frosting and it came with sprinkles. He had a great time making his cake even though I was lazy and used a cake mix and store bought frosting.

We opened presents with my parents. Lamb 3 received the Changing Seasons Lego set from Ram's parents. You can build the house to show a house in the spring, fall, or winter. It came with a light brick for the grill in the summer and the fireplace in the summer. 
When we moved I couldn't believe how many birthday candles we owned and gave away several. When we chose candles for Lamb 3's birthday, I couldn't believe how many birthday candles we still owned. He wanted green candles and each pack had 2 or 3 green. I actually bought one more set of candles so he could have 9 green ones. It seemed ridiculous to buy candles when we own so many, but he had such a small request that it seemed worth it to get one more pack of candles so he could have all green ones. Frugal me will wash them and save them for next year and he can have all green candles for #10 if he wants them, because I'm not buying more green candles next year!

We had cake and ice cream with my parents.

He also received a human body puzzle that is pretty neat. He put it together right away.

This is my youngest son in his last number shirt. I will enjoy this last year before double digits and enjoy the memories of all 3 Lambs in their number shirts. Our local friends have commented recently about how tall our boys are getting. I had to get out new church shoes for Lamb 3 this morning because he outgrew his old ones. Thankfully he is the youngest so it means pulling the next size out of the closet as they do wear hand-me-downs for church shoes, but not for every day shoes.

The house in spring was the most advanced build in the set, but it didn't take him long to build it. The house has a pool, grill, basketball hoop, mailbox with mail, and lawnmower. We talked about how Ram or Ram's parents helped Lamb 1 and 2 build their Lego sets at their 9th birthday and how Ram and I didn't do anything to help Lamb 3 except congratulate him when he was finished building it. That's what happens with the youngest child in a family. Plus this set was not a difficult set to build like some of the Star Wars sets that they Lambs have received before.

Happy Birthday, Lamb 3!

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