Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Thanksgiving weekend

Before Thanksgiving my friend Joelle was sick. We were praying for her that she would get well and no one else in her family would get ill so she could enjoy Thanksgiving. I told her then that we were all healthy.

On Tuesday I started to get a runny nose. I thought it was from working with dusty books in my organization project. I took a box of tissues to church with me on Wednesday evening. Ram told me then that I was sick, it wasn't just working with books.

I was determined to not miss Thanksgiving so arose very early on Thursday to do everything I could do to get better. I took Airborne, used the neti pot, used essential oils, took a shower, and packed for our trip. We got off much later than I would have liked, but made it safely to Ram's parents. After listening to the weather we did take the shorter way to their house through the mountains. There were some foggy spots but thankfully not icy.

Ram's parents worked on dinner while we drove. My MIL made a completely Paleo meal that was delicious. After way too much food and not feeling well I crashed on the couch until bedtime. Ram's dad shared some Zicam with me and it really helped.

Friday and Saturday we didn't go anywhere, the Lambs watched a lot of TV. Lamb 2 and 3 played outside in the snow. We spent the next couple of days eating leftovers. It was wonderful since I was sick to not have to cook. Every day I felt a little better. Even though I was sick we love going to Ram's parents house and relaxing.

We left on Saturday in time to make it back to the interstate before it was dark. We ate leftovers after unloading the car. We went to bed early.

Sunday I woke up coughing- the cold had now gone to my chest. I sounded terrible enough that I decided not to go to church. Lamb 1 and 3 stayed home with me and Lamb 2 went with Papa to church by himself. I missed a Voter's meeting too.

Sunday afternoon I had planned to do a little shopping and get on a few Black Friday weekend deals. There was no way I was able to do any of that.

Later that afternoon Ram and I did order a couple of items. We got a treat for the Lambs from Kohls. I used Giving Assistant, got free shipping, a coupon code from Kohls, and got Kohls rewards points plus Kohls cash to use this week to buy something that was already on sale. It ended up being a really good deal on something they will love.
Ram and I both had some unredeemed Barnes and Noble cards which I couldn't believe because Ram always uses bookstore gift cards immediately. We got 30% off of one book and free shipping and hopefully we used Giving Assistant correctly here too.
Last we ordered a few items from Amazon. We used Be Well gift cards to buy a gift for Ram's mom, get a book 30% off, buy one more book, and get free shipping.

After 2 nights with the humidifier I felt a lot better this morning even if I didn't sound like it. We did school. We all got chiropractor adjustments. I used a code for free prints for Shutterfly before it expired tonight. Lamb 1 had Cub Scouts tonight.

No one else besides me got sick although Ram has a sore throat today. I am hoping as a pastor during Advent he doesn't get this. This week I need to do final preparations to host a table at our Ladies Advent tea and also to lead crafts for Sunday School. Other than that I am going to rest and try to get healthy.

Ram's mom did Thanksgiving by herself except we brought store bought pies. It will be my turn to host Christmas. Ram's mom and I have were already brainstormed Christmas recipes. As soon as I'm healthy I'm going to start planning Christmas dinner!


Jody said...

I waited until after Thanksgiving to get sick. . . Friday evening. I'm still sick, but on the mend I think. My voice sounds horrible (when it sounds at all!) Yuck. I hope you're well again soon.

Ryan Quiel said...

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