Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bad day followed by good days

The past several years the Lambs have written a wish list to Grandma and Grandpa of one big present they would like to receive for Christmas and again on their birthdays. This almost always is a big Lego set, but once Lamb 1 asked for a model train set. They spend several weeks deciding what their one request will be followed by a second choice in case what they ask for is out of stock. (That happened one year.) The Lambs always received their first or second choice. This meant that with 3 Lambs they usually got 6 big sets of Legos each year and several other smaller Lego sets. 

The past few months the Lambs have often asked to use the computer and I found they were often searching Amazon for their wish list. I realize that this is today's version of the Sears catalog that I used as a child, but I thought they were spending way too much time on this. Add in that their requests were getting bigger each year-no 11 year old needs a $200 Lego set!

We wrote a small Christmas wish list and took it to Ram's parents at Thanksgiving. I honestly planned to help them write to Grandpa and Grandma right after Thanksgiving with their one big request. But I got sick and it didn't get done. I thought about it and wondered if we should even ask them for a big present for Christmas. We talked to Ram's parents about it on Sunday. 

At lunch time on Monday Ram and I broke the news to the Lambs. This year we were not going to ask for a big present from Grandma and Grandpa. Lamb 1 acted very grown up about it although he did try to negotiate to ask for a smaller Lego set. Lamb 2 tried to run away from home. Lamb 3 sat on a chair and wept.

When they finally calmed down we talked to them. We told them that getting a big Lego set was not the real meaning of Christmas. We reminded them of all the small items on their wish list this year that they really want. We reminded them that Grandma always gets presents that they don't even ask for and they will get plenty of presents this year. We told them they will still be able to ask for a big present for their birthdays. We talked about the theme of Lamb 1 and 2's basketball camp of "I am Third".  (God, others, self) We reminded them that they have tons of Legos and should play with the toys they already have.

After they were calmed down they got out the tubs of Legos. Since then they have played Legos every minute they weren't busy with school, piano, chores, or sleeping. The amazing part for me is that overall they have played really well together. They haven't played together this well in a long time. And no one has asked to use the computer other than using the metronome.

Honestly I think it was easier for Ram's parents to just order 3 Lego sets online than to get 2 or 3 small presents for all 5 of us. The reason why they called on Sunday was to make sure they understood a couple of items on our small wish list. But all 4 of us adults agreed the smaller wish list was going to be better for all us. I was surprised to see that it is already helpful to us before Christmas.

Some other things happened that made Monday a bad day for me. I'll spare you the details during this holiday season. But there was such a difference in the Lambs after Monday that it has made the next days good days.

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Jody said...

I'm sorry about whatever else made Monday bad.

It's funny you mention the big Lego sets. It's this time of year I always wish we could afford to buy a big set just once for each child. Then I remind myself that kids can indeed grow up happy without any Legos at all ( I did!). Christmas can be a big guilt trip if we let it. I think it's been tough for me so far because I haven't been able to go to church since before Thanksgiving due to different children (and me) being sick at different times.