Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shopping this week

I spent all day yesterday shopping. I have one more present to buy and I have completed Christmas shopping this year. Here's where I went yesterday.
*I started at a Food Service Supply store to buy a couple more items to finish up our bazaar supply shopping. I should be done with this, but messed up our order so we still have some $ to spend. I am buying supplies for next year's bazaar.  I ended up not buying anything there as they didn't have what I wanted.
*Target advertised buy 2 $25 gift cards get 1 $5 Target gift card. The advertisement wasn't real clear which gift cards were included in that deal. I went to the customer service counter and asked. They couldn't figure it out either so they gave me the deal. I bought a few other items there too.
*Michaels to buy one item with my 50% off coupon.
*Kohls to use Kohls cash, Kohls $5 reward, coupons, and sales to get Ram a nice pair of boots for $20. This summer the whole sole fell off of his boots that he had since college. I figured it was time to buy him a new pair since he got almost 20 years out of the last pair!
*Costco to buy Christmas presents, groceries, and renew our membership this year. Ram usually shops at Costco for us so it was a treat for me to go by myself.
*Hobby Lobby to buy a gift for my secret sister at church with a 40% off coupon.
*Fred Meyer (like Meijer for my Midwest friends) to get the Friday freebie (Welch's juice).
Then I came home and took a little break while Ram ran a couple of errands. He took his boots back to Kohls and exchanged them for a larger size. He had told me what size to get but he hadn't bought shoes for so long that he didn't tell me the right size! Plus I thought he should have them a little large so he could wear heavy socks with them.
When Ram got home it was supper time and I hadn't made anything. We made the decision to go to Chik-Fil-A which ends up not being a cheap meal for our family, but everyone likes it. We don't eat out very often. We all went together to these places:
*Chik-Fil-A to get take out.
*Grocery store #1- The Lambs and Ram sat in the car and ate while I picked up a little produce.
*Grocery store #2-The Lambs and Ram sat in the car and finished eating while I picked up this week's specials.
*Walmart-We all went in here and bought a few items that we needed that I didn't find anywhere else during my shopping. I tried to buy the right items to get a free Shutterfly book from Healthy Essentials but I don't think I bought the right ones. So this week I'll have to take those back and start over on that project.

I spent a lot of money yesterday, but I stuck to my list. I really haven't spent very much of my December grocery budget yet due to stocking up when everything was on sale before Thanksgiving.
My one impulse buy was 94 cents at Walmart. I bought more incense cones for my smoker. This was myrrh scent. We were almost out of the first ones I bought a year ago that were frankincense scent. We burned one last night and one today. Ram said we could burn that continuously and he wouldn't complain. I believe we need to treat ourselves once and awhile. I was happy that both Ram and I enjoyed my cheap "splurge".


Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Way to have such a productive shopping day - and capitalize on all those deals! Well done! It's actually what I'm working on tonight - making my shopping plan for the week and to (hopefully) finish up our Christmas shopping.

Rebecca said...

I have some Shutterfly codes I was going to use for Christmas cards, but ended up going through a different company. You're welcome to use them:
$20 off:

Free Shipping:

If one doesn't work it might be expired. The nice thing about the shipping ones is they work with other codes, so it can make for a great deal!