Thursday, April 14, 2016

My collection

My friend had an accident with her collection of Willow Tree figurines. I commented about them and she wondered which ones I have. So this post is to answer her question.

The Lambs (with Ram's help) started my collection when we lived in MN. It took a couple of years worth of birthdays and Mother's Day to get my collection. Then it took a couple more birthdays to replace the ones that got broken. In MN we had them on top of our china cupboard in our living room. This was too fragile of a location with 3 young Lambs. They look like they are wood, but they are actually quite breakable. They are like dominoes when one gets knocked you will probably have 2 or more broken ones in the end!

When we moved into our house in ID, I knew exactly where to put this collection. I put it in the master bathroom by the bathtub. Even when the Lambs use my bathroom, this location is protected from them. We haven't had any break since we moved here.

On the faucet end of the bathtub. Left to right these represent:
Ram before he got married (he still loves reading!); 

Ram and Ewe married;
Ram with a newborn; and Ram with an older son.

When we first moved in a friend wondered which picture I would hang in these "cubbies" in the master bathroom. I never did figure out which pictures to hang there, but I did put my figurines on the shelves. I like the "blank" space above them.

On the other end of the bathtub. Left to right these represent:
Ewe with an older Lamb (Lamb 1); Ewe with a toddler (Lamb 2); Ewe with a baby (Lamb 3); and pregnant Ewe (to represent our miscarried Lambs). When these were purchased for me, the Lambs were those ages. 

I don't make time to take a bath nearly enough, but when I do I always smile looking at my collection. I don't desire to add to my collection, but I like the meaning behind these that I have.


Jody said...

The meaning behind each one is what our children cherish, too, because we bought one for each birth. (Or somebody else did.)
I'll have to post an updated picture soon. Glue is great, but a couple are just too fragmented we think.

The Wards said...

Your collection is beautiful! I rarely comment and share links like this, but I recently found this online shop and ordered an ornament from there. It looks beautiful next to my few Willow Tree figures.

(I have six children but my youngest girl, a twin, is the only one who loves being carried in a backpack carrier. I was able to personalize the ornament for her so it looks like me carrying her in our favorite carrier.:)