Friday, April 22, 2016


The past several years the eye doctor has said that Lamb 1 would probably need glasses the next year. Today was the day. He is just like his Mama in that one eye is much stronger than the other one. His brain is getting confused when he tries to play his new video game and he gets a headache. Since he is homeschooled we could have waited on glasses. We chose to do it now so he can play his game without a headache and it will also improve his being able to watch Jeopardy on TV. He won't need to wear them all the time, just when he needs them for reading or watching TV etc.

I had no idea how to choose glasses for a pre-teen because the child glasses were too small and the adult glasses were too big. We ended up deciding regular glasses would be fine, he didn't need heavy duty ones because he won't be wearing them all the time. His favorite color is blue so he chose these. We praise God that insurance paid for the glasses and his exam completely. He is looking forward to picking up his glasses in a week partly because he knows they give chocolate with a purchase, but he also knows these will help him.

The eye doctor is amazed that so far Ram's bad eyesight has not been passed down to any of our Lambs. He would have expected by now especially Lamb 3 to start showing similar. Lamb 1 looks a lot like I did as a child and here's one more example of him being like me. We both have one strong eye and one weak eye. The combination makes me legal to drive without glasses, but it is easier for me to watch TV and drive with them.

The eye doctor also recommended that if the glasses don't help enough we might consider some vision therapy for Lamb 1. (Vision therapy is done with a different doctor than our regular eye doctor.) I think the glasses will be enough. But it is an interesting thought that another one of our Lambs might need vision therapy too. Vision therapy is not cheap both financially and for time commitment. But we saw with Lamb 2 that it really works. So Lamb 1 will also do vision therapy if it is necessary. 

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Jody said...

Our oldest has glasses, but he did not need new ones last summer at his check-up. However, my husband noticed yesterday that we need to get him new ones because his face has outgrown the glasses---a problem I haven't had in many, many years.