Monday, November 7, 2016

My birthday weekend

We attended three church services. This is some of what we sang over the past two days.

Sunday AM:
Sunday School Choir sang A Mighty Fortress is our God
LSB 670
LSB 677
LSB 676
TLH 470
LSB 938 (Sang twice: once in Bible Class, once in church)

Sunday PM:
LSB 671
LSB 676
LSB 714
(Bach Cantata Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott by the choir)
LSB 944
LSB 880

Monday PM:
Though All Our Life is Like a Scroll (
LSB 561
LSB 515
LSB 556 (all 10 verses!)
LSB 894
LSB 947
LSB 377
LSB 633
LSB 813

After being away for 13 years we don't take a large gathering of Lutherans singing for granted. Thank you to all the choir members and instrumentalists that practiced so much for these services. Thank you to the Seminary for hosting the Good Shepherd Institute on my birthday.

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Joelle said...

Curious what all thd hymns are...can you help out a girl who doesn't have access to the current hymnal. We own the LW, but that is it. Glad things are going well. Belated happy birthday!