Thursday, November 3, 2016


When we were in ID our family doctor that we liked left for another job. We did our regular checkups this spring with a new doctor. It was frustrating to do everything with a new doctor and then leave a few months later.

One of my worries about moving to a new town was that it would be difficult to find a good doctor that would accept new patients. There was some urgency to finding a family doctor so that I could have checkups after my thyroidectomy and we also wanted to schedule some more visits for other family members while we met our deductible this year.

My mom gave me a business card for a brand new doctor that she got at a pro-life event. When we first called to schedule an appointment we were told that he will not prescribe birth control. He believes in being your doctor from conception until natural death. That impressed us enough to give him a try.

One of the Lambs saw him last week and I had an appointment today. He is currently in the same building as the midwives while he is building a new office. The office walls are covered in pictures of babies. I particularly liked a photo of a baby with an LSB hymnal open to the order of Holy Baptism. There are religious quotes in the bathroom. I really liked the doctor. Ram will have his yearly checkup with him next week.

I am amazed that God not only helped us to find a doctor that would accept us as new patients, but also one that has values with which we agree. The timing is amazing to me too, he just opened his practice this year after graduating from medical school. I think when word gets out he will be a very busy doctor and it may be difficult to get in as a new patient.

I took blood pressure medication the past few months so that I could safely have surgery. It was my goal to get off of the bp meds as soon as possible. With our crazy welcome to Indiana, I wasn't sure I would ever calm down enough to get off of the meds. I liked this doctor's bedside manner and he is going to allow me to stop taking the bp meds as long as I continue to check my bp at home daily. It is a big blessing to get off of the bp medication!

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