Saturday, January 14, 2017

Decluttering works!

The least favorite chore for me each year is to put away the Christmas decorations. When we lived in MN and I had babies, often it would be several months before the Christmas decorations were packed up and put away. They usually got stuck in the guest room and when we would have company spending the night I would finally get the job done.

This year Ram and the Lambs put the Christmas tree away and left the decorations for me to put away. Once again I dreaded this chore so I put it off for a week. We don't have a lot of room at our rental so I decided to finish the job today.

I was surprised how quickly the project went once I began! This was because I seriously decluttered before we moved. We still have a lot of Christmas decorations, but we gave away a lot before we moved. Everything was labeled and organized in plastic tubs before we moved. It was easy to put everything back in the correct tub today.

We also kept some of our Christmas decorations packed up this year as we are in a rental and didn't have room to get everything out. The Lambs chose their favorite ornaments for the tree and the rest stayed in the tubs. Of course we got out a few other decorations and stockings, but we didn't get out every Advent calendar that we owned. I didn't feel that we were missing anything because our favorites were out. When we finally purchase a house again, we will all rejoice to decorate for Christmas like we did in Idaho.

This motivates me to keep at the decluttering. Even though we gave lots away before we moved, there are several boxes left to really go through and decide what to keep. This reminded me that it is worth the time to declutter.

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