Thursday, January 12, 2017

New jeans

About 5 years ago my sister recommended Levi jeans. I usually used coupons at Kohls and bought myself a new pair of Levis when I needed them.

When we moved I had lots of old jeans. The ladies at church used them for crafts so I had lots to donate. I noticed that several old pairs had holes in the crotch and it seemed so weird to get holes there before the knees. I decided then to not buy any more Levis since I kept having the same problem. I also gave away all my jeans that were too big-which was a problem after all the exercise we got getting our house ready to sell.

I moved here with one pair of jeans that fit and one pair that was a little large. In December the one that fit got a hole in the same place as the other ones. The pair that was a little large in August was very large after my thyroidectomy. This was all a good problem to have, but I felt I needed at least one pair of good jeans.

I used a coupon at Kroger to get $5 off an Old Navy gift card. I used Giving Assistant to get a couple more dollars off my Old Navy order. I ordered exactly enough to get free shipping. I probably could have waited for a sale, but I was happy with that savings so I could get new jeans now. I have never owned or tried on Old Navy jeans, so I took a chance ordering a size smaller than I used to wear. I ordered size tall.

2 pairs of jeans arrived this week. I tried them on and they both fit perfectly. They are the same size, but different styles and one was too long. I don't ever remember owning a pair of jeans that was too long! I decided immediately to keep both pairs-even if I have to roll one pair up, it will make me smile each time I wear them!