Sunday, December 21, 2008

Updated Weather Report

Well, my dad called from church this morning. He went out for a short time to go to church and get take out food and then he was going back home. As of this point he is staying at his house. We tried to convince him to go to a shelter, but he has made up his mind to stay with his house as long as possible and watch the pipes etc. He has FIOS so his phone won't work either. He had a little scare when the house two doors down from him had a chimney fire last night. He said our lambs would have liked watching the fire trucks. Hopefully it reminds him to be careful. He is glad my mom isn't in Fort Wayne now to be part of this.

Two of the tri-parish churches canceled today because of wind chill. The last one was going to try because it was the late service. One member went out to plow the church yard and the wind blew the snow right back where it was. So they also canceled because they were afraid they would have to dig us all out after church.

In December the lambs and I have only been to 2 Midweek Advent services so far, no Sunday services. Ram has only led one Sunday services for the tri-parish. The lambs were really upset to miss church again today-and not just because they would miss Christmas program practice, they are tired of missing church too. Hopefully when we finally get back to church they will be well behaved after missing so many services!

I don't know what we are going to do since we haven't had ANY Christmas program practice yet. We are supposed to take Lamb 1 back to the doctor tomorrow after an ear infection. I don't know if we can travel the 1 1/2 hour to the doctor. I would also like Lamb 3 to be checked because he has been fussy and I wonder if he also has an ear infection. Lamb 3 has a little cough too but that seems to be improving. We are praying the weather improves so we can travel tomorrow to the dr. and some time have Christmas program practice.

We're going to try to have Matins with our family now to try to give the lambs a little church. Tonight we are supposed to still have the children's program at church #2-we are not part of this program tonight. We'll just have to see if they have it.

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