Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weather Report

We had bad enough weather on 12/7 that Ram told me to stay home from church with the lambs and not risk the roads. Then on 12/14 church was canceled because of blowing wind and snow. Today library storytime was canceled because of blowing wind and snow. The prediction for tonight is more snow and -19 with wind chill of -54!

We decorated the Christmas tree today and I made food hoping for the church potluck tomorrow. The plows just started so we'll see how much wind we get tonight and how cold it gets. Thankfully we've had heat and we've even had hot water every time we've tried. Sometimes when it's cold we don't have hot water!

My dad lives in Fort Wayne, IN and he hasn't been as fortunate. Fort Wayne had an ice storm. He lost his power yesterday and as far as I know it's still not back on. He was glad he was at home to check on the pipes and watch the house. My mom is in SC with my sister after her knee surgery on 12/18. My dad doesn't know when he will get his power back and when the roads will be safe to travel. My parents will probably not be together for Christmas this year. My dad was frustrated with no power to use his computer, phone, TV, etc. He doesn't have a cell phone. The city was going to be a level 3 emergency. That means you will be arrested if caught driving without an emergency. Thousands in Fort Wayne are without power. As of 2 p.m. Saturday, in Allen County, more than 59,000 customers, or 42 percent of I&M's customers in the county, were powerless.

We are keeping my dad and all those without power in our prayers. It was a good reminder to us to thank God that our power has remained on so we are able to enjoy our family time in a warm house with all the things we rely on for electricity.

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Glenda said...

Welcome to blogging! You're blog is so pretty and I love the pictures of your little lambs.

Praying your father's power turns on quickly. We currently have -5 with lows suppose to go lower and windchills colder. David is wondering what to do about service in the morning, especially the 7:45am one.