Monday, July 15, 2013

Busy July

My parents arrived at our house on June 29 and attended church with the next day. We have enjoyed a nice long visit from them. My parents and our family went up to Ram's parents for a few days over the 4th of July. We had a nice visit and my parents enjoyed seeing that part of the country.
Lamb 1 and 2 had sports camp each morning last week. In the afternoons and evenings we did activities with my parents. This week all the Lambs are going full days 9-3 at our church's VBS. I still can't believe my youngest is no longer in the preschool class and goes full days!
I didn't volunteer for VBS with my parents here. I feel a little guilty for that, but I also enjoy being a SAHM for a week with my Lambs away all day. I am attempting to get up early enough to not be rushed in the mornings (making lunches etc.), have a snack ready for them when they get home, a nice dinner in the evenings while my parents are here, and be ready to give the Lambs my attention/take them swimming when they get home. It is so different from last year when I was gone all morning to VBS and mornings were a rush and we needed to eat out because I had nothing planned for dinner. My parents go home on Thursday so I will go help VBS later this week. For now I am enjoying the last few days of their visit.
Lamb 2 is scheduled to see an allergy doctor for his rash next week. Those of you that have taken children through allergy testing, any advice for me?
The end of the month I plan to go to St. Louis for the He Remembers the Barren Retreat. I am hoping to come back with more info/resources/knowing what to say to other barren women in ID. Since there were a limited number of spots available at this retreat, if you have a question feel free to leave a comment here or if you know me you can e-mail me privately and I'll try to take your questions too. I have purchased my small gift to exchange and have been thinking about my Bible verse to share and our other tasks of what to bring to the retreat. I'm trying to pack very lightly since I will only be gone 3 days. Please pray for my family and me as I am gone over a weekend-I have someone lined up to sit with the Lambs during church-and also safe travels for me for a fast trip to St. Louis.
I will be thankful for August when we have some fun activities planned but also it should be more relaxing than July was.

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