Sunday, September 29, 2013

Author Visit

Our Barnes and Noble hosted Kate DiCamillo today. I packed a lunch that we ate in the car on the way there after church. When Jan Brett came a few years ago it was on Sunday morning so we were unable to attend. I was happy the signing today was on  Sunday afternoon instead of Sunday morning.
We arrived about 15 minutes early and all the seats were taken. Everyone just stood around and listened that didn't have a seat.
First she answered questions for about 25 minutes. Some of the questions from both adults and children were very good questions.
Then she read the first chapter of her new book, Flora and Ulysses. The first chapter has some cartoons so it was a little difficult for her to read it, but most people had a copy of the book to look at while she read.
Then she signed books. The rule was that she would only sign books, not posters or other items. I was surprised she would sign an unlimited number of books. Some people had several books to sign-we had 4. I had wanted her to sign 2 books but brought 2 extras in case she would sign more. Some were giving books to their child's teachers. We had gone earlier in the week (after piano lessons) and bought her new book. That meant we were in the first group of 10 families that she signed books. It was perfect to listen to her talk and then get our books signed- the Lambs could handle waiting that long. (Shh...when you look at these photos, don't tell my goddaughter what her Christmas present is.) Lamb 1 has a sucker in his mouth from Sunday School in some of these photos.

The Lambs loved reading this book!

The Lambs cooperated very well and we bought them a treat from the cafe after our books were signed. Then I went and told the Barnes and Noble staff thank you for their work in bringing such a big name author as Kate DiCamillo to Idaho. The staff was shocked to hear me say thank you-they said if I only knew how much work went into today. It was organized and advertised well-everyone knew what the rules were and it was organized, not a chaotic line of hundreds of people waiting to get their book signed. She spoke at 1pm and we left at 2pm. Thank you Barnes and Noble and Kate DiCamillo!

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