Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life is not fair

My mom has been trying to eat healthier (working her way towards Paleo!) and also trying to get more exercise (walking almost daily). On Monday night she took a walk after dark. She tripped over an uneven sidewalk and fell. My dad took her to the ER and we were all surprised that she didn't break her arm or hip. She needed stitches on her chin and she did fracture her jaw bone. Life is not fair that she gets hurt while exercising!

Today she finally was able to see the oral surgeon because he wanted the swelling to go down before he saw her. She took her September calendar with her expecting needing to schedule surgery or wiring her mouth closed around my parents other doctor appointments. She was shocked that she didn't need surgery or wires and the doctor doesn't want to see her again for 3 weeks. Since she didn't expect that she wasn't prepared with the October calendar.

She should get the stitches out on Monday and all she has to do is eat soft foods for the next few weeks. She won't be able to eat all Paleo if she has to remain on a soft food diet. When she is recovered there will be dentist appointments to see if her bite changed. The doctor did recommend jaw movement, just not too much. So tonight she surprised me and called me and we talked for a while.

This could have been a lot worse and we thank God that there were people around to help her when it happened-both to help her and contact my dad. A nurse helped her and recommended she immediately get to the ER. My parents may have waited if the nurse hadn't insisted she go immediately.

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