Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Green Stamp Gal

I told my mother-in-law in September that if she happened to shop at the grocery store that gives out green stamps for pots and pans to save them for me. They started this program in September. Each $10 purchase=one stamp.She occasionally sent me a few stamps. Each week I got a few stamps. I was frustrated a few weeks when my coupons meant my total was less than $10 so I didn't get any stamps. Being frugal and trying to earn stamps didn't work well!

Last week I did a big grocery shopping trip and earned 10 Stamps! I entered them on my sheet and couldn't believe I was up to 103 stamps. In order to get the pot I wanted free, I needed 120 stamps. So close...they quit giving away stamps on December 24.
This evening the UPS man delivered a box. Each Lamb received one present from Grandpa and Grandma to open on Christmas since we will celebrate with them after Christmas. There was one small box for me, they figured Ram and I were old enough to wait until after Christmas for our presents. I was directed to open my box immediately.
Look what was in the small box! I guess Ram's mom did lots of shopping before Christmas!
 I made it to 120 Stamps!
 I even have 5 left over to bless someone else with a few extra stamps.
I will be going to pick out my 6 quart stock pot tomorrow. I hope they still have some left. If they don't I'll be trying several grocery stores tomorrow! I have until Epiphany to redeem my stamps, but I would love to get it tomorrow.

I felt like my grandma collecting green stamps. I will really enjoy using this stockpot after all the work to earn it!

Christmas Eve UPDATE: Here it is!

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