Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Ram's parents joined us for church on Thanksgiving Eve. We had pretty good church attendance that night. During the day I prepped the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes so most of my cooking was done. I also finished cleaning the bathrooms and tidying the house.
For Thanksgiving we were very laid back, we ate when the turkey was done, no schedule or hurry. The Lambs played on the iPad while the adults talked and Ram cooked. I made Paleo pumpkin muffins to go with our dinner. Ram made the turkey, gravy, and maple glazed brussel sprouts. I made both dairy and coconut milk whipped cream to go on top of our pumpkin and pecan pie from Costco. Ram's dad ate pecan pie without eating the crust.
Friday we went to our local science museum to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. The Lambs weren't old enough to be totally interested, but they did find parts to enjoy. We went ahead and purchased a membership which will get us in discounted to other science museums around the country for one year. Lamb 3 got excited when he saw a picture of the Mona Lisa and joked that Jan Van Eyck painted it. I tried to get the Lambs to notice the pictures on the wall along with the hands on exhibits.
Saturday we went to a used bookstore that we had never been to before. There were actually two bookstores next to each other. Ram's dad enjoyed looking at records in one and the Lambs begged for Grandma to buy them books at the other one. Typical for our family she had to limit each Lamb to only 4 books. Of course Ram bought a few books. We happened to be next to the city Christmas Tree lighting so we received a support small business tote bag. We didn't stay for the lighting, we headed to dinner.
We chose to go to a build your own burger restaurant. You fill out a form how you want your burger with what toppings, what kind of meat, what kind of bun, etc. The adults chose gluten free buns. It was good food but they messed up Ram's dad's order. I don't know how you can mess it up when you follow what people fill out on the form. I don't know if we will be returning there after that experience.
The temperature dropped about 30 degrees between Thursday and Saturday so we didn't walk around the outdoor mall very long after dinner. Ram's parents came back to our house to warm up in front of the fireplace and drink tea before they left.
We had a great visit with Ram's parents-probably the longest visit at our house since we moved here. The Lambs watched every minute of football that they were allowed to have the TV on. They played outside in our backyard lots. We ate lots of leftovers and snacks and dessert. I was able to keep up with dishes all weekend so I was able to relax too. The Lambs made lots of art store pictures to sell to the grandparents. The Lambs played lots of card games and board games with each other too.

Sunday was church and then Sunday School was busy preparing for the children's Christmas service-children assigned their parts and practicing the whole service, moms  getting costumes ready. That afternoon I headed out to two stores-one grocery store and one trip to World Market so I could get a free Downton Abbey tote bag. They had tons of tote bags so I think Black Friday shopping was not very good this year. Then I came home and we ordered from Amazon so we could get 30% off one book. Today I ordered from our church preschool book order. That was the extent of my Black Friday weekend shopping.

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