Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Homeschool Week 1

We began school on Monday like most of the public schools around us. I have friends that cloth diaper but they use disposables for the first several newborn weeks. I used this strategy and bought the Lambs frozen waffles for this first week of school. I have never bought waffles for them so this was an extra special treat. They get dressed and make themselves a simple breakfast while I get ready. They quickly learned that waffles are a treat, not the main breakfast, so they have to have something else. This is usually oatmeal or peanut butter on crackers or toast. Then I toast the waffles for them. While they eat their treat we read our Bible story together. Then the school day begins. I will be sad when the waffles are gone, I will be back to baking muffins or something like that for breakfast.

We are having 4 days of school this week. We have a field trip planned to a planetarium and Ram's parents are coming to visit. Lamb 1 and 2 are going to cross country just once this week. We also have a Cub Scout picnic. Piano lessons, confirmation class for Lamb 1, and PE Co-op will begin in September.

I am glad we began this week and I learned that they retained most of what they learned last year. We also made some progress in some subjects this week. It was nice to fit a couple of days of school in, then we'll have a long weekend. It was nice to begin school before we began ALL our extra activities. We still have a few subjects to add in, but we did the main subjects this week.

I am pleased with how the new schedule I made up is working. I will blog about what we are studying this year and our daily schedule in a future post.

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