Monday, August 31, 2015

The tale of toilets

On Friday Ram's dad determined that the Lamb bathroom needed a new toilet. (I will explain that in another post.) On Friday they pulled the old toilet (#1) up and went and got some advice of how to install and what kind of toilet to buy. They bought a toilet on Friday.

On Saturday they put the new toilet (#2) in and after tinkering with it all day discovered that the bottom of the tank was porous and leaked too much to just be condensation.

On Sunday they took a break from toilet repair.

Today they pulled up toilet #2 and exchanged it for toilet #3. Toilet #3 had a crack in the tank near where you flush so they took it back and exchanged it for toilet #4. When they went to put the toilet seat on toilet #4 after installing it, the seat was cracked. They did not pull up the toilet this time. They exchanged the seat and installed seat #5.

On the way to the hardware store to exchange seat #4 they couldn't close the garage door with the garage door opener. They had to go to a different store to buy parts to replace the sensors on the garage door.

After 3 full days of toilet repair and 4 full days of not being able to use that bathroom, the Lambs will be able to use their toilet tonight. I will be able to park in the garage after a few days of tools and supplies all over it.

My MIL loves lots of ice in her iced tea. Right before this toilet situation a part on our ice maker broke off. We need to call the repairman about that because we have no idea where the part even goes much less how to repair it.

(This paragraph is full of sarcasm!) I am so glad that we bought a brand new house that is less than 4 years old! So far we have replaced a toilet, microwave, several door knobs, repaired the garage door opener, and had the dishwasher repaired.

The Lambs were unable to use their bathroom for the past 4 days so middle of the night bathroom trips were a little tricky. None of us have slept well during all this toilet repair. I expect us all to sleep really well tonight. We did not have any homeschool during the toilet repair. I am hoping it is cleaned up around here enough to have a regular day of homeschooling tomorrow.

When he left tonight, the last thing Ram's dad said was, "If you have the same problem with another one of your toilets, CALL A PLUMBER!"

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Ha. This made me laugh...but in sympathy. My father-in-law is a plumber but our plumbing problems seem to be resolved in similar fashion. I'm just glad you have a working toilet again!