Sunday, May 15, 2016

I'm still here!

I decided to pop in here with a short announcement that I'm still alive after two friends wrote to me checking after very few blog posts recently.

We had a wonderful vacation to southern CA the last week of April. Maybe someday I'll get to posting about our trip. I need to get started on a Shutterfly book before my code from Legoland expires.

Since we have been back May has been full of regular activities with a lot of extra activities thrown in at the end of the school year. Lamb 1 has a few more math lessons to complete his book and then we are going to take summer vacation. I still plan to work with all of them this summer, but we just won't have official school time in the morning, it will more be likely work during the hottest time of the day when their friends are unable to play and read a little longer at bedtime. The Lambs are getting ready for their last track meets, singing with the Sunday School at church with Lamb 1 accompanying them on piano, and their end of the year piano recital. I still have to sign them up for swim lessons and that is the only activity I plan to put them in this summer after our last few summers have been crazy.

The boys and I had our annual checkups. She had a few concerns about Lamb 1 so she is running some labs before we see if we need to see a specialist. Her concern was actually his thyroid and with a family history (Ewe's) she is taking his symptoms seriously. I saw the endocrinologist and we decided that it is time to get my thyroid removed. I am waiting for a consult with the surgeon to have a date for that.

Lamb 3 recently said that we should get rid of half of our belongings. I don't know if I will make it to his goal, but I am in full decluttering mode right now. The recycling can fills up quickly and the shredder is getting a big workout. I plan to get more cleaned out before delivering to the places that I will donate the rest.

Due to all the end of the year activities and the projects that I'm trying to complete, I will be blogging much less than normal this summer. I will try to occasionally pop in during this summer with our family updates. While I'm gone, check out Driving on Sunday blog on my blog list. It is written by one of my former students. He was in kindergarten my first year of teaching and it is so fun to see him with two of his own children now.  I would encourage you to send him a video of driving on Sunday in whatever area of the country that you live in. It is so fun to see where other Lutherans live and their videos.  It reminded me to take some time to rest together as a family to see God's beautiful creation.

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