Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being a rural pastor's wife post #19

I have a few more random thoughts about being a rural pastor's wife with young children.
1. I've noticed on blogs moms that become stay at home moms sometimes blog about the things they miss from their working days. I moved here at a good time for me to transition from working outside of the home to staying at home which ended up being a good time to start a family. I am so thankful that I did not have the morning sickness when I was hospitalized and also work outside of the home at that time! But there are many times that I blog about and think about my life in the big city vs. living rural. It's not quite mourning the loss of living in the city, but almost. I miss that I can not attend concerts/big church services. I miss that my boys can not attend concerts with professional symphonies/orchestras. I could go on and on about things that I miss and the Lambs do not have opportunities to do while we live here. But those moms that blog about what they miss about their working days also blog about what they like about being a SAHM. They also blog about how thankful they are to be a SAHM. I miss many things about the city, but I'm also glad for many things about rural life.
2. I recently commented on a blog of a friend of mine with 8 year old boys who just had their birthday. She listed their presents and I didn't even know what some of their presents were-I just had a general idea. (I did know what the fishing pole and tackle box were though!) I'm thankful that in our rural living with homeschooled Lambs, that they don't even know about the latest fads and gadgets and toys to ask for them. I'm thankful that they were thrilled to receive Tinker Toys for Christmas from Great Grandma. I hope this "innocence" for toys lasts for a long time at our house. I think it will last longer while we live here than if we moved to a bigger town.
3. Living in a rural place has encouraged me (almost forced me) to take the time to do fun things/play with the Lambs/start some new family traditions. I don't think that if we lived in a bigger town that we would do some of the things that we do with the Lambs. I think they will remember some of this when they grow up. For example: We always have a "party" when I get our taxes done. I'm sure they will remember the "taxes are done" parties more than if we went out to eat at a restaurant. I get out the supplies to paint and do messy art projects-I probably wouldn't do that if they could go to play group once a week and do that. We play a lot more board games/card games as a family than I think we would if we lived in a bigger town. I'm thankful to be making these memories with the Lambs now that will hopefully last for their lifetime.
4. I believe that living here has strengthened my relationship with my inlaws. Although she's not a pastor's wife, Ram's mom goes 1 1/2 hours to do regular shopping and 3 hours to do major shopping just like I do. She has given me some tips for shopping and living a rural life. Sometimes we spent hours on the phone where she tried to give me advice to raise the Lambs giving her advice after raising 3 boys of her own. I'm not sure if I lived in a bigger town if I would have talked to her about some of this-perhaps I would have had other moms to talk to about these issues. Nor would I have had the rural living in common with her. I have many friends who don't get along with their mother in law. I can't imagine that from my experience. I'm sure this will not be the case for every rural pastor's wife, but perhaps being a rural pastor's wife will strengthen another relationship in your life even if it is not your inlaws or parents.
Check back tomorrow for one more day of discussing being a rural pastor's wife with young children.

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