Friday, February 25, 2011

Being a rural pastor's wife post #21

Today I'm going to discuss Ram and Ewe "together time". I suppose I could look at my situation that I'm stuck in the house with just my family and rarely have visitors. I choose to look at my situation that I GET to stay in the house with just Ram and the Lambs.
Ram and I have never been away overnight together without the Lambs. We have only had babysitters a few times where we didn't have any Lambs with us. Last summer we did get a babysitter and go pick blueberries together. Last vacation my parents watched the Lambs and we went to a bookstore and to the restaurant where we went on our first date. But those dates without Lambs are just once or twice a year.
Ram and I started to have "together time" a few years ago. We try to both stop what we are doing and spend from 10-11pm together. The Lambs are always asleep by then and it's a good time to take a break-usually me from housework and him from reading/studying. During together time we try to do devotions (Compline) together and then spend the rest of together time "on a date". Sometimes we watch movies (episodes of Julia Child and Cosby Show are recent ones we have watched a lot). Sometimes we just talk. Sometimes we play games. We almost always have several nights around New Year's Eve where we play several rounds of the game Life. Sometimes we'll fix a snack and eat it together without sharing with the Lambs. Sometimes we'll have a glass of wine together.
We don't do together time every night although we intend to. Sometimes one of us is working on a project and we don't do together time. But our goal is to do it every night. Before we started together time we still had TV. Our normal routine was to both do our work (me-housework, Ram-write sermons etc.) and then sit in front of the TV until we were tired and we crashed into bed. I was so glad when we started together time that we broke this daily cycle. I treasure this time with Ram each night. It recharges me for another day of teaching/working with/parenting the Lambs. I'm glad to get the privilege to spend time together.
Come back tomorrow for more about being a rural pastor's wife.

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