Monday, October 3, 2011

The big announcement

I knew what Ram's decision was several days before it was announced at both churches. It was difficult to keep it a secret. Also difficult to get started on things that need to be done before we move when I'm not allowed to tell any one!
Yesterday was pretty emotional at the two churches I attended (one for Sunday School and church, one for a potluck). Please keep us in your prayers as it is going to be difficult for us to leave our dear members here.
We had a very busy weekend with a wedding too. The October calendar is full for us even without needing to pack and move. We're trying to squeeze in visits for friends from MN too.
Blogging will be very infrequent as I have less than a month to pack or give away so that we have less than 15,000 lbs. I know those of you that don't have books like our family will laugh at that statement. The moving company was glad to hear that we don't have a big screen TV or any appliances to move. Did you know it costs $600 to move a front loader washer? I don't have one to even have to consider moving that. If I can accomplish limiting it to 15,000 lbs we will be under the church budget for moving by several hundred dollars. That is big motivation for me to downsize!
We are blessed with many friends that have offered to help however needed and especially with prayers. Being busy will be an advantage during this emotional time.
Eventually I have photos from the boys recently and the wedding to post and blog about. One task at a time . . .
Everything has been so perfect about this Call and the timing of the Call that I'm confident that God also has all the details worked out for moving and housing there. I'm actually not stressed, just keeping extremely busy and also finding time to spend with the Lambs during this difficult time in their lives.


Anonymous said...

Wow. 15,000 lbs? Does that include his pastor books?? The Navy will give us 14,500 lbs for our next move, but that doesn't include 'pro gear' which for a chaplain mostly consists of books, which we have *a lot* of (two huge pallets). The weigh limit is just for household goods or HHG as they say in the military.

I must have missed it, but where is the new congregation? Best of luck!


Emommy said...

EWE!! I'm terribly behind writing you a long-overdue note for the sweet things you gave when we met in August... and now to find you're in the process of a great big change! You and your husband and boys are in our prayers -- many, many hugs your way!

Dakotapam said...

Have fun with the packing and preparing. Be warned though. We had to rent an entire extra pull behind trailer from UHaul. It was mostly for the books. That may be a cheaper option than paying movers for extra weight. What an exciting time for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Excited for you, but sad that we won't be -neighbors- anymore. All blessings as you make your preparations. Suzanne L