Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We praise Thee O God...

Today is the one year anniversary of Ram's surgery. We are so thankful to Ram's parents for coming and helping the entire time Ram was in Rochester. We are thankful to Ewe's dad for filling in as pastor of the tri-parish while Ram recovered. We are thankful to the Wessels for letting Ewe and the Lambs visit to get our mind off of that day when we were worried. We are thankful to the many friends and family that were praying for us and offered to help however they could. We are so thankful to the wonderful doctors at Mayo, especially when the words BENIGN were spoken but also when they took such good care of Ram when there were complications. We are thankful to our local doctor that took the time until she found out what was wrong and sent Ram to Mayo immediately and did all the checkups following Mayo. We are thankful to our church members who brought many meals. We are thankful to God for working out all the details and helping Ram, Ewe, and the Lambs through the surgery and recovery. We are thankful to God that at his recent checkup Ram's one kidney is still very healthy.

Day by day we magnify Thee.
And we worship Thy name ever, world without end.
O Lord, let Thy mercy be upon us, as our trust is in Thee.
O Lord, in Thee have I trusted; let me never be confounded.

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