Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving Update

The moving truck was supposed to be loaded yesterday. They weren't able to get here that quickly. They called us early enough in the day that we unpacked a few boxes of bedding and spent another night here. They arrived at 8 am and started loading today. The current tally is 773 items, not counting mattresses and they may find some they missed while they load the truck. The last time we moved we were second place for the most weight. The movers record is 776 items so we should take first place for these movers! The one mover asked if we ever considered using the public library instead of owning all these books!
Because the moving truck wasn't loaded yesterday it makes a change of plans. We had originally planned to go through Cheyenne even though it was a little farther so we could visit friends. We had planned to attend church in ID on Sunday. Now we are thinking of going through Bismarck and visiting friends there. Our plans are not definite until we see when they are finished loading the truck and we can do a little cleaning. We are hoping to get out of town tonight yet because there are no hotel rooms locally due to both hunters and a meeting for the local power plant. We are not expecting to make it to ID to attend church there on Sunday. We will see after the truck is loaded and we are finished here.
Blogging will be very infrequent as we transition. Ram will have wireless internet at church but I'm not sure what we are doing for home. I can live without TV, but not without internet! We'll see after we are settled how that works out. I'm actually pretty calm about the whole situation.


Melrose said...

God's blessings and protection as you travel!

Joelle said...

You are welcome to come over and use my computer and internet while the kids play :) Blessings on your travel!

Helpful Teacher said...

You wrote: The one mover asked if we ever considered using the public library instead of owning all these books!

That's hilarious!

Praying for your safe travels.

Raggedy Sue said...

We almost broke the movers' handheld computer thingy/printer with our move. And they couldn't believe we had gotten rid of two dumpsters worth of stuff.