Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Update

Yesterday we were approved for a rental house for a year. We decided to do this instead of rushing into buying a house. I was mildly worried that we would have trouble renting since we have been in a parsonage for the past 8 1/2 years. We did have trouble submitting the application online, but once that was straightened out we were approved. So we now have a temporary address. Now begins the fun of figuring out what snail mail to transfer to our new address and knowing that we will have to do it all again when we get into a house.

In the last week I emptied/packed everything in our big computer desk and entertainment center/TV stand. We got the desk hauled out to the garage ready to give away. We will take the entertainment center out to the garage soon. I listed in the newspaper the furniture we plan to give away rather than move (twice because we will be in a rental for a year).

Yesterday I completed packing one full size bookshelf. Only 10 full size, 3 half size bookshelves that are my responsibility to go! (Ram will do his theology books.) I am mildly concerned that it took me that long to do one bookshelf and I have more to pack than just books! We are also starting to run out of room to place the packed boxes and I've barely begun packing.

The company that we chose to move us did not have any one in the area to come and give us an estimate. So they sent someone from another company. It only took a few minutes to do the estimate, but 1 1/2 hours for him to drive here. I am hoping they are prepared to move all our stuff!

On Monday we took the Lambs to the dentist. It was a successful day-no cavities for any Lambs, received the name of a dentist in our new town for the Lambs, took a full car load to a friend to give her a bunch of baby stuff (crib, pack and play, baby bathtub, baby clothes, etc.), used some coupons for stores/restaurants that will not be in our new area, and met Lamb 3's godfather's family to say goodbye.

Last night I read Father Hollywood's blog post and downloaded some beautiful music to listen to while packing. A friend that I don't think I will see before we move also called me and we had a nice chat.

Time for me to get back to packing!


Joelle said...

May God multiply your time!! Blessings on your packing!!

Dakotapam said...

Good plan on renting for a year. Also, don't sweat the second move, a local move is way easier and can be done over the course of a month even!