Saturday, August 25, 2012

Photo Update

We took my cousin Jessica back to the airport today after her two week stay. Here are some photos from the last two weeks.

Lamb 2 and 3 playing with the Shakespeare books we got at a library booksale. (Complete set for $5.)

August 13 we went and bought a flat of blackberries. (I was too lazy to pick them.)  Here is one of the two batches of jam I made. I also froze some and we ate some fresh.

On August 19 we went to the Western ID Fair. Lamb 3 chose to drive this car for his one ride. He wanted to ride the Ferris wheel but Mama thought he was too young.
Lamb 2 rode with Ram and Lamb 1 rode with Jessica on the Ferris wheel.

We all chose a fair food to have for a treat. Jessica shared her cotton candy with the Lambs and we realized that was the first cotton candy they had ever had. The Lambs had snowcones, Ewe had an elephant ear, and Ram had a hot beef sandwich. 

Ewe and Jessica

Before we took Jessica to the airport we went to Birds of Prey. We had only been there once before. It was a fast visit because she needed to get to the airport. Here the Lambs and Jessica are showing their wing spans.

Lamb 2 as some kind of bird

We saw an Eurasian eagle owl up close.

We enjoyed having Jessica with us for a few weeks. We were also able to go to a few extra fun places while she visited. We are going to have another visitor in about a week and a half so we are looking forward to that but also enjoying a little break from visitors so the boys can have a more normal routine these last days before preschool begins.

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