Monday, August 27, 2012

The piano

Once there was a little girl that desperately wanted to take piano lessons. Her parents were able to get a very old piano in her old house, but they were not able to afford piano lessons and neither parent could play piano. When she was about 12 they moved and they could not move the old piano. Now her parents had a different financial situation so they could afford piano lessons, but there was no piano. Her dad bought an electronic keyboard and she was able to start piano lessons. Perhaps it was because she was almost a teenager, perhaps it was because she only had a keyboard to practice on, perhaps she became more interested in other things, but the piano lessons did not go well. After about 6 weeks she gave up lessons and knew a little to have a little fun on the piano, but not play well. When she was teaching in her first classroom she really regretted giving up those piano lessons because she couldn't use the piano in her classroom as more than a bookshelf.
When she had her first son she decided that a few years of piano lessons would be mandatory for her son (and any future children) and if he wanted to continue after that then he would be able to. Her plan was for her son to walk next door to church to practice so they didn't have to buy a piano. She signed him up for piano lessons when he was 7. Right before his first lesson was scheduled they found out they were moving. So her oldest did not start lessons.
When they moved they no longer lived right next to church so practicing there was not a possibility. She began watching Craigslist but the pianos were either too expensive or not worth anything. Finally one came up on Craigslist that looked good. Last Saturday they went to look at a piano and talked the owner down a little from the price they asked. Next will be to find a piano teacher for her oldest son. Already today the piano store moved the piano for her us.
Thank you God for providing just the right piano for us!


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Yay! We've had so much fun with our piano!