Thursday, May 9, 2013

Family "Records"

Last year we got our first sunburns on Easter afternoon. This year we waited until today. Poor Lamb 2 was the worst both years. Maybe next year we can wait until June?

I always say I'm going to write this down, but I forget. We haven't had heat or A/C on for a couple of months now. It has made really nice electric and gas bills. I'm determined to not turn A/C on until at least June. That is difficult when it is already predicted to be 90 this weekend. But ID 90 is not like MN 90 or IN 90. Often we can run the A/C during the day and turn it off at night, which is the opposite of MN-we needed to run the A/C in order to sleep. Perhaps by blogging this it will jog my memory to write down dates like when I turn the A/C on for the first time, when I turn the heat off in the spring, etc.

I know our MN friends are rolling their eyes now as they had snow several days that I had the heat off and some of those days I had the windows open all night. I will mention that a church member was giving me some flowers and we couldn't do it last week because of frost temperatures. But yesterday when I received them I had to take a break after a couple of hours because it was just so hot to work out there!

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Joelle said...

We waited as long as we could but turned it on when the kids went to bed last night. The thermostat said it was 84*, and Audrey's room is about 5* more than that. The sun sets right on her room so it was too hot. Would have taken her a long time to fall asleep otherwise.