Wednesday, May 29, 2013


May was very busy for us. I have a bunch of photos to blog about what we did during May. Most of what kept us busy had to do with our church preschool. I look forward to next year not being a school parent and having everyone at home for school. I'll still be involved with the preschool as it is at our church, but I won't be doing room parent type of activities nor will our schedule be interrupted for preschool field trips.

Here's a list of what I plan to blog about soon:
* Buying a book cart at a garage sale for our home library
* Mother's Day
* Greece and Rome festival
* Our play kitchen
* Field trip to see sheep
* What we planted in our yard this year
* Aunt Hannah's homemade birthday gifts for the Lambs
* Family "field trips" to places around our area
* Lamb 3's last speech class
* Strawberries and rhubarb
* Lamb 1 dental work
* Lamb 2 losing his first teeth
* Our new tent
* Ram's 10th anniversary as a pastor
* Lamb 2's birthday
* End of the year gifts for the teachers
* Homemade treats for preschool graduation
* Buying a refrigerator

...and by the time I blog about all that there will be more-preschool graduation, piano recital, and swim lessons. Hopefully this list will keep me on track to blog about all this.

So now I'll finish up the school year and I'll try to get started on blogging about this list in June!

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