Friday, May 3, 2013

Goodbye, Thomas the Train

The conversation in our house a few days ago went like this.

Lamb 3: Mama, can we clean out my t-shirts? There are some I want to give away.
Ewe: Ok, do you think you have too many or why do you want to clean them out?
Lamb 3: I want to give away all the ones that have Thomas the Train on them.
Ewe: Really? That is a lot of t-shirts that you like to wear to preschool. Is it because you are almost done with preschool?
Lamb 3: No, Thomas the Train is for babies. Real trains don't have faces or talk.

Big sigh here from Ewe now. We had more than 7 years here where Thomas was played with almost daily, our living room almost always had a train track built, we survived mailing some of our trains away for the recall, Thomas DVDs were watched often, and often at least 2 out of the 3 boys wore the same Thomas t-shirt. I liked the morals in the Thomas the Train books. Lamb 3 just turned 5. Lamb 1's big birthday present when he turned 6 was the Thomas roundhouse. It is true that the younger ones grow up faster than the older ones. So those of you that are still in the Thomas the train stage, enjoy it now as it won't last forever.

I do plan to keep some of the trains for when we have younger children over. Some of the track was Ram's when he was little. We did work on cleaning out their clothes and organizing their bedroom more this week. I plan to work on their playroom soon. I think that project will be much more difficult for me than for them. I do need to admit that my youngest is 5 and we don't need baby toys in their playroom any more, even if Thomas toys are in that category before I'm ready for them to be. I'm proud of the baby steps we made this week in organizing their bedroom. I'll take a big breath before we tackle the playroom. I'll remind myself that I'll have a lot to be proud of when the playroom is completed.

Now that we are beyond the Thomas the Train stage, I am embracing the Lego City stage. Thankfully we may move past the Lego City stage, but I doubt many boys leave the Lego stage before they leave home. The next question is will I miss stepping on Legos some day?


Barb the Evil Genius said...
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Barb the Evil Genius said...

The lucky boys never leave the LEGO stage. They can even get very creative!

Katy said...

No, you won't miss then, because you'll save tubs and tubs of "vintage" LEGO for your grandchildren, like my mother-in-law did. And then you and your daughters-in-law can enjoy adult conversation over dessert and coffee while the kids (and sometimes dads) spend HOURS playing after dinner :)