Thursday, May 23, 2013


Yesterday was not a very good day at our house. Lamb 2 woke up very grouchy and around lunch time refused to eat. I thought he was sick, then found out that he was about to lose a tooth. The tooth fairy might need to take a loan this week, but that's another post. He ate after his tooth came out and was in a better mood.

Yesterday I was so glad to have an entire day without anywhere to go. I was glad for a chance to get caught up on cleaning up the kitchen, do laundry, and clean the bathrooms before the inlaws get here to celebrate Lamb 2's birthday. While I was busy cleaning, one of the Lambs brought me the remote for the DVD player, soaking wet. Guess where it was before they brought it to me? The toilet. I'm not going to post who did that because it was really the fault of all the Lambs that it ended up there. (At least that was the first toilet that I cleaned so the remote was in clean water!) We let it dry out overnight and it still doesn't work even after replacing the batteries. We have a spare DVD player that I was getting ready to garage sale, but the remote is broken for the Blu Ray player. We do have a couple of Blu Rays that we can't play without it. Hopefully not watching The Magic School Bus until we get a replacement remote will be a good punishment. Ram said our generation didn't have the technology to get broken like the Lamb's generation. When we got in trouble for breaking things, it usually wasn't as expensive. Our Lambs just need to be thankful that they live in the generation and we can get a replacement for about $10.

After a busy day of cleaning the Lambs got to bed a little late and I was exhausted. I discussed going to bed when the Lambs did, but of course stayed up and did a few more things. Ram and I knew there was a frost warning, but decided all our plants were big enough now that if we just covered the boys pumpkins everything else should be ok. The boys got free pumpkin seeds from the garden center and we hope they make it to go back to be weighed in the fall. Ram was tired too and after discussing covering the pumpkins he didn't do it and I didn't remind him. Guess what we woke up to this morning? Pumpkin plants that probably aren't going to make it. I think it is too late to start over.

Now I'm getting ready to take Lamb 1 and 2 for some dental work, that's another post too. I'm hoping that the rest of the day goes better than yesterday!

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