Friday, October 11, 2013

Romans 8:28 Part 1

Lamb 2 attended speech therapy at the public school once a week for 1/2 hour when we lived in MN. He was the only student with his teacher during his speech time. I was shocked when we moved to ID that the public school would not do speech therapy for homeschoolers. They did allow Lamb 3 to attend speech therapy at the public school once a week for 1/2 hour until he began kindergarten. During his speech time he had therapy along with one other student. ID public school never provided speech therapy to Lamb 2.
Many of our friends told us that we should "fight" this and demand speech therapy from the school for Lamb 2 and 3. One of the reasons why we did not do this was I did not want the school to agree to speech therapy and then possibly unintentionally cause problems. For example: I didn't want them to be enrolled in speech and then a schedule change for an assembly and they forget to tell us and we show up and there is no speech. There were other reasons why we didn't demand speech from the school too.
So over a year ago Lamb 2 began private speech therapy for one hour once a week. A few months ago Lamb 3 began private speech therapy at the same place as Lamb 2, also getting one hour a week therapy.
We recently found out that Lamb 2 may have some learning disabilities. I don't want that to be the focus of this post. But I will say that Lamb 2's private speech therapist has recently spent much time "worrying" both while she was on and off the clock about how to help Lamb 2 best. She is doing speech therapy for Lamb 2 different now than she did before. She pointed us in the right direction to get help in other areas. Her referral meant a lot to our family doctor. That sped up the process to get into speciality doctors. It means a lot to me that out of all the children she sees all week she spent extra time on Lamb 2.
Also it is really nice for our schedule that both Lambs go for their therapy at the same time with different speech therapists. I doubt the public school would do that for our schedule.
Plus I know that one hour a week speech therapy by himself was much more helpful (perhaps even necessary) than if Lamb 2 would have been in group speech therapy and/or only had 1/2 hour speech therapy once a week at the public school.
Sometimes our mommy gut wins out in decisions like this. Private speech therapy is very very expensive until we meet our deductible. It's all worth it when your child gets the help they need though.
To be continued tomorrow...

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