Saturday, October 12, 2013

Romans 8:28 Part 2

At Lamb 3's last speech therapy session, the speech therapist had a request for me. She asked me to write down prayers we say at meal time or memory work he does for Sunday School or poems we memorize in homeschool. She wants to work with Lamb 3 to pronounce each word clearly for something that he knows well and says often and something that he will be saying to others besides our family. I agreed to write down Luther's meal prayers for her to begin. His speech homework is to work on those with me and be ready to work on those with her during speech therapy. She said she is all about doing activities during therapy time that are useful for Lamb 3's everyday life. He is doing very well pronouncing words at the word level so now she wants to work at the sentence level.
I was shocked to hear a request like this and so happy that Lamb 3's speech homework and therapy time will be used in such a useful way! I know that if Lamb 3 went to speech therapy at the public school he would not work on prayers or memory work during speech therapy. Plus if he is comfortable reciting the meal prayers to someone else, he will be able to earn a certificate at our church as part of our Catechism Memory Program.
Our family spent a lot of time in prayer and thinking about this before enrolling both Lamb 2 and 3 in private speech therapy. I am more and more glad that we made the decision to send them to private speech therapy.
We have been reading about Joseph in the Bible with the Lambs. I can't even imagine all the feelings going through Joseph's brothers minds when they found out that the ruler of Egypt was Joseph. He told them to not be afraid, that God had worked his slavery for good.
I love seeing examples in our family life that seem similar to Joseph. Paying for private speech therapy would not have been my first choice. Because they were not allowed speech therapy at the public school, God has worked it for good. In fact it has worked out better for Lamb 2 and 3 than I ever could have imagined.

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