Friday, April 24, 2015

Dear Lamb 1,

Dear Lamb 1,
I owe you an apology. We have been so busy recently that I'm sure you don't think we care about what is important to you. I really thought that when Lamb 2 graduated from all his therapy our schedule would be better. But we are still busy with church, homeschool, Papa's job, Mama's volunteering at church, piano lessons, track practice and meets, and your Cub Scouts.

Cub Scouts assigned a lot of homework the past few months. Plus you had to go help with community events such as unwrapping trees at the park in the spring time. You also had to help build the stands for the cars for the Pinewood Derby. You went to everything you were supposed to and completed all your homework too.

The one thing that got left behind during this busy season was making your Pinewood Derby car. First we missed the Pack meeting where they gave out kits when you were sick. Then your leader kept forgetting to bring it to you. When you finally got it, Papa was too busy to even look at the rules for the event.

It came down to crunch time and you and Papa were going to work on it the day before it was due. Except I was running errands when Papa figured out he needed a new saw blade so you could trim the wood. I finally got home and Papa made a fast trip to the hardware store so you could begin. You quickly painted the car so it could dry overnight.  Then in the morning you had to quickly finish your car before weigh-in time.

Papa was supposed to teach confirmation class when the Pinewood Derby was supposed to begin. So the plan was I would take you boys to the Pinewood Derby and when Papa was finished with class he would come over and join us. At that point we would decide if I would take your brothers home or if we would stay for the whole event.

Then we were surprised to find out that Papa's class was canceled. He was going to be able to take you to Pinewood Derby! Then you asked if our whole family could go and cheer for your car. You didn't want only Papa to be there to cheer for you.

I'll be honest that I really wished to stay home that night since I didn't have to go. But I listened to your request. Then when I heard there were 78 heats in that hot room, I wished I had stayed at home. I'm so sorry for my bad attitude.

If I hadn't gone I wouldn't have seen how well your car raced. I wouldn't have seen you win your award for best "I made it myself" car. I wouldn't have seen that all that homework paid off and you now have Scholar, Craftsman, and Family Member pins. The Pinewood Derby was really cool and I was impressed with how well your Pack ran the night. If I hadn't gone, Papa wouldn't have been able to describe it to me the same as seeing it myself.

I am thrilled that you won best "I made it myself" car. I think out of all the awards that was the best one you could have won. It means more to me than if you would have won the fastest car.

Thank you for being patient with Papa and Mama through this busy spring. Thank you for taking the initiative to do a lot of your Cub Scout homework by yourself. Thank you for insisting that our whole family goes to Pinewood Derby and making it a family event. We love you and we are very proud of you.


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