Monday, April 20, 2015

Lamb 1's Day

The local pizza place has a name of the day where people with that name can make their own small pizza for free. They have chosen Ewe, Lamb 2, and Lamb 3 names and we participated. As far as we know, they have not chosen Lamb 1's name in the past few years. They do not have gluten free pizza so Ram does not want to participate even if they have his name day.

When they had Lamb 3's name day I told them that Lamb 1 was disappointed they have never chosen his name. The employee said they do have birthday of the month days and we could let Lamb 1 participate in that. The March birthday day was on March 4, one day before Lamb 1's birthday. Here are a few pictures of his fun day. It was busy, but not as busy as I expected since all March birthdays were allowed to participate.

Lamb 1 was happy to make his own pizza without cheese!

Thank you, Flying Pie Pizzaria!

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