Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Handyman Tasks

Yesterday was the first chance after a busy Easter season that Ram had to do some necessary tasks around the house. We had piano lessons and track practice so we were gone most of the afternoon. Ram went to the office in the morning and then he came home and worked on this list. My dad always says that one project leads to another and that was definitely true yesterday. I'm probably forgetting some that he did, but this is what I noticed when I got home.

*Picked up new water filters for our system. It's not quite time to install those yet, but we have them now.
*Called the company for our yard sprinkler timer and asked some questions. After growing up in the Midwest without a sprinkler system I have no idea what to do when the sprinkler system doesn't work. At the end of last season one section ran for over a day and would not turn off until we turned off the whole system. It was doing the same thing this year.
*Made a trip to the hardware store for a different wrench to try something else for the sprinkler system. Came home and tried that, didn't think it worked, so assumed we would have to have a professional out here at $75 service call.
*While he was out for that got his free Starbucks birthday drink.
*Dropped off stuff to donate to a thrift store after my recent projects.
*Hung some pictures in our bedroom to complete my photo collage project.
*Sharpened all our kitchen knives.
*Tried to repair our outdoor lights and when that didn't work, called an electrician to get on their schedule.
*Tightened the front door knob as it was loose.
*Cleared off the table in our bedroom that is supposed to be clear so he has space to set up his laptop when he works from home or I have space to sew or scrapbook. I still have some work to do on my stuff that was on that table. That project meant a few more projects for him that were on that table.
*Did all the dishes.
*Got photo files from recent church events organized to give to our church secretary.
*Made a fast supper for us.
*Supervised the Lambs picking up all their toys and the neighbor's toys out of our front and back yards before running the sprinkler.
*Ran the sprinkler and was pleasantly surprised that the system seemed to work so we won't need a professional to fix it. He will supervise the sprinkler running for the next week to make sure it really works properly.
*I made tapioca pudding and we both had two helpings.

He's back to a regular work day today. I'm so glad all this got accomplished yesterday.

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