Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old and New Glasses

Shortly before Ram had his major surgery in 2010 I got new glasses. I was debating if I should get them as I could drive legally without them. When he had his surgery I was so glad to have them for driving in an unfamiliar city to get between the hospital and the hotel. At that time I just replaced the lenses but kept my old frames. I'm not even sure how old my frames were, probably from the late 90's. They didn't really fit any more, but I wore them so rarely that I didn't mind. Just replacing the lenses was over $100 which I couldn't figure out because I have such a mild prescription.

Ram needed new glasses shortly after we moved to MN, probably about 2004. He got new frames and lenses and everything, also replaced the lenses in his old pair so he could have a spare pair. He has a strong prescription and it cost about $500 for all that.
Here we are in our old glasses. We put them on just for a photo comparison.
Last summer Ram suggested that I replace my glasses that didn't really fit and he could also use a new pair as his were getting scratched up and wearing out. Neither of us had much of a change in our prescription. I was dreading the cost, but knew it was time.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our vision insurance covered a lot of the cost of new glasses. My complete glasses (frames and lenses) for my mild prescription cost $25. Ram's complete glasses (frames, lenses, anti-glare, anti-scratch, lighter weight) for his strong prescription cost a little less than $150.

We were so glad that we got them replaced last October and it didn't really cost that much. This summer we are considering getting Ram prescription sunglasses since we spent so much less than we expected to spend on our glasses.
Here we are in our new glasses. I think Ram's look like they are from the 70's but the employee at the eye doctor insisted they are very popular now. I do like them more now than I did when he was trying them on in the eye doctor's office.

(We got our new glasses in October, but I finally had our picture taken in March and I'm finally posting this in April!)

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