Monday, June 22, 2015

Home Again

We just spent almost a month in Indiana helping my parents downsize from a 4 bedroom, two level, huge yard home. They don't know when or where they are moving, but we helped them pack up what they want to keep and get rid of what they don't. I am excited for them having less stuff in an easier to care for home.

While we were there Lamb 1 and 2 attended a basketball camp-it doesn't get much better than going to basketball camp in Indiana. We were able to see several friends on the drive out there and the drive back. A few friends and family came to visit us while we were there too.

We arrived home just in time for VBS this week at our church. When I get control of the laundry and unpacking all the treasures we brought home from my parents, I have lots of pictures and things to blog about that happened during last month.

We feel as if we are just beginning our summer vacation-we haven't signed up for swim lessons or summer reading program at the library yet.

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Jody said...

Welcome home! I only wish we could have been out the Indiana way so I could meet you. Another time.