Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm ready to stop this trend...

Our family attended another funeral today. Our Lambs were well behaved. This was a long time friend of Ram's family. His mom asked us to attend if possible to represent our family since it was in our area.

Although it was not a Lutheran funeral, it was a beautiful service. Everyone that spoke reminded us that not only was she a kind woman, but she was able to do what she did in her life because of Jesus. On her deathbed she was naming people she knew that were not Christians and encouraged her family to keep working on them so she can see them in heaven some day. Many shared stories of how wonderful she was, but the overall theme of the funeral was To God Alone Be the Glory. We only sang one hymn, Be Still My Soul fit very well.

During the reception the family and friends that talked to us knew Ram and some also knew me (probably from Christmas card photos) and also they knew Lamb 1's name because he is named after his uncle. Then we had to introduce Lamb 2 and Lamb 3.

I did not want to attend funerals two Thursdays in a row and the Lambs wanted to attend even less. But I knew that it was important for our family to go to both funerals. It was a great reminder with Holy Week in the middle. We don't know when our last days on earth are. We praise God that we know that we will see our loved ones in heaven again.


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