Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sick Lamb

In my decluttering, I found some books and other items to mail to friends and family. I spent a little while organizing everything to mail and packaging it up. I got everything ready so I only needed to make one trip to the post office.

The Lambs have piano lessons over by a post office, so we left early for piano lessons and went to mail 8 packages. The Lambs were being so helpful at the post office, handing one package at a time to the post lady. When we were about halfway done with the packages, Lamb 2 got sick. There was no warning other than he wasn't very hungry at lunch. He didn't eat with us, but he ate lunch before we left for piano lessons.

I sent Lamb 2 outside to the trash can and sent Lamb 1 to be with him in case he needed help. The post lady sent a custodian that just picked up the rug Lamb 2 got sick on and took it to the back room to clean it. We finished with my packages quickly and I went to check on Lamb 2. We drove over to the library so Lamb 2 could attempt to clean himself up. Then we stopped at the piano teacher's house and said we wouldn't be coming to lessons. The teacher was concerned because they missed their second to the last lesson before music contest. I'm not concerned because they have one more lesson before contest.

I don't know if the post lady felt bad because of what happened, but she said the Lambs were so helpful and well behaved that she wanted to give them lollypops for when Lamb 2 felt better.

We came home and Lamb 2 changed his clothes. He ate gentle foods for his stomach the rest of the day. He checked his temperature a few times and reported the results to me. He fell asleep downstairs so Ram took him to his bed and he went to sleep early. He woke up feeling better, but I'm still watching what he eats.

What is amazing to me is how different this round of being sick is from even a few years ago. Lamb 2 did almost everything to take care of himself. I only had one extra set of clothes to wash. Lamb 1 is concerned about getting sick as his birthday is on Saturday, but he was still helpful to Lamb 2. This part of having pre-teen boys is great.

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