Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sickness Round 3

Here is what has happened in March:
March 1: Lamb 2 got sick at the post office, canceled piano lessons
March 2-3: No activities, Lamb 2 not well, missed roller skating with PE class
March 4-5: Ram's parents were here for Lamb 1's birthday. On Saturday we went out to lunch with Ram's cousin that moved to Boise.
March 6: Church, Sunday School, last Downton Abbey
March 7: First track practice
March 8: Ewe prepared breakfast for the area pastors that met for a meeting at our church, our family went out to lunch with the pastors, piano lessons, listen to Concordia Seward choir at an area church in the evening.
March 9: Lent Supper and Church
March 10: Lamb 3 got sick during school in the schoolroom-I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the mess and doing laundry. No activities, missed parkour with PE class
March 11: Ewe and the Lambs no activities, Ram ran lots of errands
March 12: Lamb 1 and 2 did awesome at their first piano contest, did some shopping including new shoes for Lamb 1
March 13: Church and Sunday School, Lamb 1 spent some of his birthday money shopping online, Lamb 3 made his birthday wish list
March 14: Lambs went to track practice, there was hail for about 15 minutes of practice
March 15: Lamb 1 and 2 piano lessons, Lamb 2 and 3 did several math lessons so they could finish their math books
March 16: Lamb 1 woke up not feeling well. He got sick right before his orthodontist appointment. No orthodontist or supper or Lent service for him today. Lamb 2 and 3 begged to go to Lent service because it is the last one this year. Hopefully I don't regret allowing them to go without me.
March 17: Will we go to PE tomorrow?
Next Week: It would be right on schedule for Ram to get this sickness during Holy Week!

I must say I am getting lots of projects done at home while I have to stay home with sick kids! Although by the third round of cleaning my house well, I'm ready for everyone to be healthy.


Joelle said...

Found out today at 3 am in the er that Audrey has strep. Her symptoms were for a uti, but not that. Weird. If she is feeling okay tomorrow we'll go to pe. Otherwise someday I'll see you again!

Jody said...

Oh, I hope things go better soon. I know I keep waiting for us to be sick for Holy Week, or possibly worse, the following week when we have a family wedding (which the 5 oldest children are in).